Mrs. Cosmos Queen India 2023: Celebrating Three Remarkable Women

Mrs. Cosmos Queen India 2023: Celebrating Three Remarkable Women

The Mrs. Cosmos Queen India 2023 pageant, held in the vibrant city of Bangalore, witnessed an awe-inspiring display of talent, grace, and charisma of 33 contestants from across India vied for the coveted title. In a groundbreaking celebration of diversity and individuality, the pageant shattered conventional beauty norms, proving that true beauty knows no bounds.

The show was hosted by Praachi Nagpal and Jigyasa Sharma. The direction of the show was done by Tanvi Kharote. The jury panel comprised of Dipakk Shahi, Serena Khat, Chahat Dalal, Parag Awasthi, Dr. Sonia Tekchandani, Debasmita Gaur. The result of Mrs Cosmos Queen India 2023 was as below:

Winner: Harpreet

1st Runner-up: Smriti Sujeeth

2nd Runner-up: Meghana Bhalerao

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Harpreet Shines as a Trailblazer

Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, Harpreet, a visionary make-up artist and proud entrepreneur, emerged as the shining star of the event. Her remarkable presence on stage, coupled with her advocacy for hair donation for cancer patients through ‘The Harpreet’s Studio,’ propelled her chances to win the title of Mrs. Cosmos Queen India 2023. Harpreet’s distinctive full sleeve tattoo, a first for an Indian beauty queen in the married segment, boldly challenges stereotypes, inspiring women everywhere to dream big and break barriers.

Harpreet’s vision extends far beyond the crown. “My mission is to empower women, break stereotypes, and be an example of perseverance and confidence for my daughter and all young girls,” she states. Her win is not just a personal triumph, but a victory for everyone who believed in her.

Smriti Sujeeth: A Beacon of Inspiration

Hailing from the garden city of Bangalore, Smriti Sujeeth, an OBP analyst, secured the first runner-up position. Her journey from a novice to a pageant sensation is nothing short of extraordinary. Smriti’s vision transcends the crown; she aspires to inspire and empower others, especially young women, by promoting education and mental health awareness. Her win is a testament to the power of determination and the fulfillment of dreams.

Meghana Bhalerao: Advocating for Mental Health

Meghana, an established travel agent and entrepreneur from Pune, clinched the second runner-up position. Her advocacy for mental health awareness comes at a crucial time, addressing the pressing need for attention to mental health issues in India. With the platform of Cosmos Queen, Meghana envisions initiating a foundation or helpline to provide vital assistance to those in need. Her goal is to be a source of support and comfort for individuals grappling with mental health challenges.

Meghana’s victory is a moment she has long anticipated, and she is poised to make a meaningful impact through her advocacy.

In celebrating the achievements of Harpreet, Smriti, and Meghana, we commend the Cosmos Queen India pageant for redefining beauty standards and providing a platform for women to shine regardless of societal expectations. Their journeys serve as a testament to the power of individuality and determination, reminding us all that true beauty knows no bounds.

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