Miss Ocean World 2023: Laura Louise Hudson of United Kingdom wins the crown

Miss Ocean World 2023: Laura Louise Hudson of United Kingdom wins the crown

Jaipur, often hailed as the epicenter of tourism and heritage, played host to the grand finale of Miss Ocean World 2023 at the Chomu Palace. This marked the inaugural physical edition of the prestigious international beauty pageant in India, showcasing the cultural heritage and traditions of nations from around the globe.

The event, organized by Yogesh Mishra and Nimisha Mishra, saw participation from 13 countries across the globe. The pageant was a week-long extravaganza, wherein beauty queens from various countries not only showcased their beauty but also promoted clean and pollution-free oceans, aligning with the main theme of the event.

The judging panel comprised Atul Dangayach, Managing Director of Chomu Palace; Dr. Pooja Agrawal, MD of Arya Group of Colleges; Dr. Pramila Sanjay; C.P. Rathore, General Manager of Chomu Palace; and Yogesh Mishra, International Director of Miss Ocean World.

Miss Ocean World 2023: Laura Louise Hudson of United Kingdom wins the crown

In the grand finale at Chomu Palace, Laura Louise Hudson from the United Kingdom clinched the coveted title of Miss Ocean World 2023. Her grace and poise were applauded by the audience and judges alike. Adria Dinev from Bulgaria secured the first runner-up position, while Avanti Shroff from India claimed the second runner-up title. The representatives of Tanzania and Korea secured 3rd and 4th runners-up positions.

The pageant provided a unique platform for the contestants to not only display their beauty and talent but also to promote environmental awareness and cultural exchange. The emphasis on clean and pollution-free oceans was a powerful message conveyed by these beauty queens from around the world.

Chomu Palace, with its regal ambiance, served as the perfect backdrop for this international event. The palace’s rich heritage and architectural splendor added a touch of grandeur to the proceedings, making it an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.

The Miss Ocean World 2023 pageant at Chomu Palace in Jaipur not only celebrated beauty but also promoted values of environmental consciousness and cultural exchange. It marked a significant milestone in the history of beauty pageants in India, showcasing the nation’s ability to host global events with grandeur and finesse.