Meet Vaishnavi Rai-Cosmos Queen India 2023 Finalist


The Cosmos Queen India 2023 pageant, scheduled to dazzle Bangalore on October 26th, will feature an array of exceptional finalists, including the indefatigable Vaishnavi Rai.

Vaishnavi’s Journey:

Vaishnavi’s childhood picture

Vaishnavi Rai epitomizes the quintessential Mumbai spirit—embodying the balance between a fast-paced lifestyle and pursuits that ignite her passion. A seasoned banker and accomplished content creator, she revels in the diversity of her roles. Prior to her corporate foray, Vaishnavi honed her expertise in banking and finance at NIBM, Pune. Her creative ardor finds expression through a kaleidoscope of interests, encompassing dance, singing, rapping, photography, video creation, and video editing. This multifaceted approach is further complemented by her dedication to entrepreneurship.

Overcoming Challenges:

FA A E BABE Vaishnavi R
Vaishnavi with her family

Vaishnavi’s journey is punctuated by challenges, perhaps the most profound of which was navigating anxiety and depression amidst pivotal career transitions. The simultaneous onslaught of various life-altering trials fortified her, imparting a remarkable resilience to face adversities head-on.

Setting Vaishnavi Apart:

Her journey in the pageant world commenced a mere two years ago, spurred by the newfound inclusivity in height criteria by major pageant organizations. Despite a foot injury that temporarily disrupted her quest, Vaishnavi’s determination remained unshaken. Her unwavering commitment to her dream radiates a unique aura of assurance, setting her apart.

Advocacy and Impact:

Armed with a powerful sense of responsibility, Vaishnavi aims to wield her influence to address environmental challenges. She was first awakened to the urgency of climate change through the documentary “The Inconvenient Truth” in the 6th grade. As a Miss Cosmos Queen finalist, she intends to leverage this platform to spread awareness and promote actionable solutions.

Legacy of Belongingness:

CAE AAA Vaishnavi R

Vaishnavi envisions a legacy rooted in defying societal and industry standards for women. Her win, she hopes, will serve as a testament to the power of unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams, irrespective of naysayers or preconceived notions.

On October 26th, Vaishnavi envisions a version of herself that exudes composure, focus, and unbridled excitement. She dares to dream that this future iteration of herself will also be adorned with the coveted crown, a testament to the power of dreams, resilience, and unwavering support.