Meet Shiwangi Gahtori-Cosmos Queen India 2023 Finalist

DDB B A BF shiwangi Gahtori

The Cosmos Queen India 2023 pageant is poised to be a glittering affair, scheduled to unfold in Bangalore on October 26th. Among the extraordinary finalists contending for the coveted Top 3 positions is Shiwangi Gahtori.

Shiwangi’s Journey:

BECED E B ADE shiwangi Gahtori
Shiwangi’s childhood picture

Shiwangi Gahtori, a proud holder of an All India registered NURSING OFFICER’s bachelorette degree from the prestigious AIIMS Bhopal, is a multifaceted individual with an undying passion for the performing arts and creativity. Her interests span an eclectic range, from singing various styles including western, rock, pop, Bollywood, retro, ghazals, sufi to meera bhajans. Dancing, reading/reciting, voice overs, cooking, and bike riding are some of the other feathers in her cap. Currently based in Mumbai, she wears the hats of a professional singer/performer, model, and emcee. However, Shiwangi’s journey to this point has been marked by significant challenges.

Overcoming Challenges:

FBE AFA B D EECEBB shiwangi Gahtori
Shiwangi with her family

Born in the small town of Khatima and raised in a tumultuous household, Shiwangi’s aspiration to become a global pop-icon rather than pursuing a conventional corporate job was a monumental challenge. She faced numerous setbacks and a series of failures. Yet, it was the voice of her ten-year-old self that fueled her determination to press forward.

Setting Shiwangi Apart:

What truly sets Shiwangi apart is her unwavering resilience in the face of adversity. She acknowledges that her life has been a mosaic of failures and successes, but it is her ability to rise against the storms that defines her journey. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Advocacy and Impact:

Shiwangi is a passionate advocate for inclusivity, a cause deeply ingrained in her own life experiences. She believes in using one’s talents and abilities to bridge gaps in society and leave a legacy of positivity for future generations.

Legacy of Belongingness:

BEFADFF CED AE FEEE shiwangi Gahtori

Shiwangi’s message is clear: “BROKEN CRAYONS CAN STILL COLOUR.” Her life story exemplifies resilience and the courage to stand up time and again, no matter how many times life knocks you down. She aspires to be the voice for inclusivity, empathy, and relatability.

In her own words, “Never focus on winning, focus on ruling… hearts.” Shiwangi’s plans extend beyond personal success. She envisions becoming a global singing icon, using her talent to not only educate but also foster creativity, art, and craft in economically challenged communities.

In the end, Shiwangi’s transformation from a determined aspirant to a confident queen is a testament to the power of dreams, perseverance, and unyielding support. With grace and determination, she stands ready to make an indelible mark on the Cosmos Queen India 2023 pageant.