Priya Saggi: A Journey of Resilience and Wordsmithing Excellence

Priya Saggi: A Journey of Resilience and Wordsmithing Excellence

Priya Saggi, a proud Mumbaikar, carries with her a tapestry of experiences that have shaped her into the extraordinary woman she is today. Her early years were marked by a unique privilege – the opportunity to traverse the length and breadth of India, courtesy of her father’s role as an IAS officer. These travels, coupled with an insatiable love for literature, sowed the seeds of her literary journey.

In the realm of storytelling, Priya has left an indelible mark. Her pen has danced across screens, both on television and the web, weaving narratives that resonate with audiences across the nation. This year, she added a new feather to her cap with the publication of her own book. For Priya, words hold transformative power, capable of breaking through the silence surrounding crucial issues. This conviction led her to launch the “Heal through Words” project, where individuals find solace and expression through the art of storytelling.

Life dealt Priya a unique hand, as she assumed adult responsibilities at the tender age of 17. While her peers embarked on their chosen career paths, she embraced the role of motherhood at 23. Her journey has been strewn with challenges, but she wears each twist of fate as a badge of honor. It is this very journey that has sculpted Priya into the formidable woman she stands as today.

Priya’s dreams reach for the stars, driven by an unwavering ambition to leave behind a literary legacy that transcends borders. Her ultimate aspiration is to be the first Indian writer to receive an Oscar for screenwriting. In tandem with her professional pursuits, Priya now strives to live life to its fullest, determined to become the heroine of her own narrative.

A luminary in the realm of crime writing, Priya stands as one of the youngest and most prominent female voices in the genre in India. Her talents have graced platforms like ZEE5 and Amazon Prime, with notable works including “Breathe Into the Shadows” starring Abhishek Bachchan and “Abhay” featuring Kunal Khemu, both penned by her.

For Priya, the opportunity to participate in Queen of the World holds profound significance. It represents a platform that celebrates the diversity of women from all walks of life, a stage that embraces women of all ages and body types. She resonates deeply with its ethos of inclusivity, recognizing it as an organization that amplifies the voices and platforms of women.

As a modern, Indian married woman, Priya stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. She firmly believes in the transformative power of words and is dedicated to promoting her “Heal through Words” project, a testament to her commitment to connect people through the art of storytelling.

In the event of victory, Priya’s vision for the title is nothing short of remarkable. She aims to elevate it into a symbol of dreams, resilience, and strength, illustrating the heights a woman can scale when she embraces her truest self. Through her dedication and unwavering spirit, Priya Saggi seeks to leave an indelible mark, not just as a writer, but as an advocate for the power of words to change the world.