Chit Chat with Avanti Shroff, Miss Ocean India 2023

Chit Chat with Avanti Shroff, Miss Ocean India 2023

Avanti Shroff, Miss Ocean India 2023, is all set to represent the nation at the esteemed Miss Ocean World 2023 competition in Jaipur starting from next week. The pageant is organized by Yogesh Mishra and Nimisha Mishra from Fusion Group. This is the second edition of the pageant which will see entries from across globe to compete for the title. In an exclusive interview, Avanti shared her thoughts, aspirations, and the meaningful journey that led her to this pivotal moment.

1. You will soon be representing India in Miss Ocean World 2023! How do you feel about this incredible opportunity?
Avanti: I am absolutely thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to represent India at Miss Ocean World 2023! It’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to showcase the beauty and culture of our incredible country on the international stage.

2. Winning the title of Miss Ocean India at Miss Cosmos Queen India pageant must have been a significant achievement for you. Can you share your emotions and thoughts when your name was announced?
Avanti: Winning the title at Miss Ocean India pageant was an overwhelming moment for me. When my name was announced, I felt a rush of emotions – a mix of joy, gratitude, and a sense of accomplishment. It took me four years and multiple rejections to get here. It was a validation of all the hard work and dedication I had put into preparing for the competition.

Chit Chat with Avanti Shroff, Miss Ocean India 2023

3. What motivated you to participate in beauty pageants, and how has your journey been leading up to this moment?
Avanti: I remember seeing the crowning moment of Miss World as a kid, and the happiness I felt in that moment was my calling towards pageantry. Growing up, I had the urge to represent my country, and the only way for me to do so was by participating in pageantry. This is when I started prepping for the same because now it was my childhood dream, the motivation to represent my country, and also have a platform to amplify my voice and make a positive impact. It’s about embracing confidence, advocating for causes close to my heart, and representing the strength and grace of Indian women. The journey has been transformative, pushing me to grow personally and professionally.

4. The Miss Ocean World pageant has a strong environmental focus. What initiatives or projects do you plan to champion during your participation to support marine conservation?
Avanti: With the Miss Ocean World pageant’s strong environmental focus, I’m committed to working towards pollution-free and clean oceans. I believe in raising awareness about the critical need to clean beaches and water bodies in order to protect our oceans and their diverse ecosystems. I plan to collaborate with organizations and individuals working towards sustainable solutions for a healthier planet.

5. India is known for its rich cultural heritage. How do you plan to incorporate elements of Indian culture and tradition into your representation at Miss Ocean World?
Avanti: India’s cultural heritage is a treasure trove of traditions, art, and history. I intend to incorporate elements of our rich culture in my representation at Miss Ocean World, whether it’s through donning a traditional attire, having a self-representation that speaks volumes about our values, or sharing stories of my homeland and experiences on this platform that resonate with a global audience.

6. Jaipur, Rajasthan is a city steeped in history and vibrant culture. How do you envision incorporating the essence of Jaipur into your presentation at the pageant?
Avanti: Jaipur is a city that exudes history and vibrancy. I envision infusing the essence of Jaipur into my presentation by highlighting its warm and welcoming hospitality, its spirit of not giving up, and being a warrior. I’ll also delve into its rich culture and embrace the grace it embodies. It’s about showcasing the royal elegance and cultural diversity that Jaipur is known for.

Chit Chat with Avanti Shroff, Miss Ocean India 2023

7. Being a representative of India on an international platform is a significant responsibility. What message or cause do you hope to convey to the global audience through your participation?
Avanti: As a representative of India on an international platform, I aim to convey a message of unity, peace, empowerment, and environmental consciousness. I want to highlight the resilience, strength, and warrior spirit of Indian women. I would also emphasize on the urgency of global cooperation in protecting our planet’s oceans.

8. Can you tell us a bit about your preparation for the pageant? How are you getting ready to compete on such a grand stage?
Avanti: Preparation for a pageant of this magnitude, especially when you are representing the largest democracy in the world, involves a holistic approach. I’ve been working on my physical and mental fitness, honing my communication skills, and staying updated on current affairs. Additionally, I’m immersing myself in understanding the environmental challenges our oceans face and how we can contribute to their preservation.

9. What advice would you give to young women who aspire to participate in beauty pageants and make a positive impact in their communities?
Avanti: To young women aspiring to participate in beauty pageants, I would say: believe in yourself and your capabilities. Embrace your uniqueness, and always lead with authenticity and grace. Remember that a rejection is simply a redirection and don’t lose hope because the cosmos is always planning something better and bigger for you. I believed in this and that’s why I’m here today representing India at Miss Ocean World. Your journey in the pageant world will be transformative and an opportunity for growth and positive impact.

Chit Chat with Avanti Shroff, Miss Ocean India 2023

10. Are there any specific experiences or lessons from your journey so far that you feel have shaped you into the confident and accomplished individual you are today?
Avanti: My experiences in my pageant journey have taught me the importance of perseverance, the value of empathy, and being unapologetically my authentic self. From the vault of my memories, I remember that I was a very shy and insecure individual as I was body shamed as a child. When I was on stage for the first time I was nervous and froze, but in that moment, I realized the value of my dreams and I just performed and enjoyed, getting freedom from all the negative comments that society had passed. Had I not taken the plunge, I wouldn’t be here, standing confidently and embracing my authenticity and individuality.

11. Beyond the pageant, what are your future aspirations and goals, both personally and professionally?
Avanti: Beyond the world of pageants, I aspire to keep working towards my cause of clean oceans and continue to inspire and motivate women to be the best versions of themselves. My love for the camera is never-ending and thus I would continue working in the acting and modeling industry while also not letting go of my flair for fashion. In the near future, I aim to establish my own label. Personally, I would like to focus on my physical and mental health because there is nothing that a healthy body, a sound mind, an empathetic and grateful heart, and a fiery soul can’t achieve!

12. Is there a particular role model or figure in your life who has inspired you in your journey, and if so, why?
Avanti: My role model and inspiration in all my journeys of life is my Mother. She taught me at a very young age the importance of financial and emotional freedom. She embodies strength, grace, a spirit to never give up, and a deep sense of compassion. Her unwavering support and belief in me has strengthened my faith in the fact that dreams are limitless and we have only one life to achieve them. She’s shown me that with determination, honesty, and a kind heart, one can overcome any obstacle and make a difference in the world and carve a respectable name for yourself.

Chit Chat with Avanti Shroff, Miss Ocean India 2023

Avanti Shroff’s journey is not only one of personal growth and accomplishment but also a testament to the power of determination and the impact one individual can make in their community and beyond. As she prepares to represent India at Miss Ocean World 2023, her dedication to marine conservation and her embodiment of Indian culture and values will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the global stage.