Shreyaa Sumi – Mrs. Universe Asia USA dazzles as ”Amazing Woman Achiever” during the National Costume Competition

Shreyaa Sumi - Mrs. Universe Asia USA dazzles as ''Amazing Woman Achiever'' during the National Costume Competition

Shreyaa Sumi, Mrs. Universe Asia USA 2022-2023, an International Model and an International Influencer is the pride of the Asian-American community in the USA. Shreyaa conquered the global stage with an impressive performance during the 45th Mrs. Universe Competition held in Sofia, Bulgaria between Jan 30th to Feb 5th, 2023. The pageant’s competitive categories include national costume, evening gown and a presentation on domestic violence.

Shreyaa remains to be the crowd favorite wearing one of the most ”Iconic National Costume” in the theme Asian American Dragon Eagle Avenger. For which, Shreyaa chose to work with the designer Melvyn Noronha known for his original stunning creations. The outfit personified in the colors of the American flag and gold for royalty, it features a dragon with Eagle heads and wings. Red represented the struggle and the pain Asians have survived, especially after the pandemic; the blue represented the service offered by Asians to America in Medicine, Technology, Service, Fashion, lifestyle and art. The white represented the peace and harmony that is needed to honor the constitution of the American Dream. “America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet in recent times Asians in pursuit and passion for the American Dream have faced hate,” expressed Shreyaa. Through the Mrs. Universe platform, Shreyaa initiated a movement to Revive, Renew and Resound Asian Love.

In honor of Sia, Shreyaa’s talented 10-year-old daughter, the costume also featured fantasy dragons. These dragons represented the Asian additions to the American diversity in terms of food, natural therapies, fashion and creativity. The costume also featured the 2 Asian wonders of the world: the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, to represent the Asian markets and businesses in America, which Shreyaa supported through her reign.

The skirt was styled in a reverse Asian style popcorn holder to represent the Asians actors in Hollywood and while the costume is made with metal, neoprene, Indian cotton, Chinese textile and American diamonds; the costume’s amalgamations, powerfully stand as a dramatic stop of Asian Hate and a powerful beginning of Asian respect, because America is powerful when we humanly united.

Shreyaa Sumi - Mrs. Universe Asia USA dazzles as ''Amazing Woman Achiever'' during the National Costume Competition Shreyaa’s Finale Evening Gown was themed: Modern Neon Gold designed by Melvyn Noronha. It is said that there is a pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. But Shreyaa knows that Gold is where you are, and with her modern and vibrant spirit, she is ready to be the gold bursting with the Neon spirit of vibrant and fun Asians in the USA.

During her reign, Shreyaa completed a certification course and worked towards supporting victims of domestic violence in collaboration with Laura’s House, an active Domestic Violence advocacy center for Women and Girls located in California. She enacted a drama with ventriloquist puppet for the spokesmodel speech which made her the first ever in the history of Mrs. Universe competition to have attempted such a thing, clearly making her stand out in the Top. She received many compliments from the audiences and countless celebrity fans on social media. Her presentation is available to watch on various channels.

Shreyaa is trained under International Pageant Mentor Melvyn Noronha as her principal mentor. She learnt her makeup and grooming lessons from Austin Ryde who is also an incredible photographer popular among Emmy and Oscar winning artists that Shreyaa worked with in Hollywood, Los Angeles. She prepared her speech for the Domestic Violence forum in association with Dani Walker, former Miss Montana USA. Shreyaa also worked with Bollywood photographer Rohn Pingalay. During the pageant her Makeup and Hair was done by Sapna Amin.

Shreyaa Sumi - Mrs. Universe Asia USA dazzles as ''Amazing Woman Achiever'' during the National Costume Competition A woman of substance that she is, holds a master’s degree in business administration and a Doctorate of Honors, Ph.D. in Media & Fashion. Apart from top beauty pageants, her list of awards leaves no space. With such strong ambition and persona, Dr.Shreyaa Sumi is truly an inspiration for many young women. The long lists of awards that include bagging the highest of Honor ”Asia’s Women of Influence-Lifetime Achievement Award”, Global Change Maker award, International Influencer of the year, Iconic International Women Award, Gandhi Mandela International Award among many more accolades. She truly lives her passions out loud, breaking the barriers and proving that true talent exists beyond borders. Shreyaa was sponsored by brands in California for hair, skin and dental makeover. For the Gift exchange ceremony, she was sponsored by Pura Tierra Inka Blends, vegan Skin care range in California, USA. For brand collaborations contact