Meet Mayur Bhoyar: A rising fashion star

Meet Mayur Bhoyyar: A rising fashion star

Mayur Bhoyar had been a well known name in Pune’s Fashion Industry where he has worked with various models and beauty queens for photoshoots through his designs and make-up and hair skills. Mayur also worked with the winners of India’s Miss TGPC Season-8 for a jewellery shoot where they wore exclusively curated ‘Resham Dorr Collection’ from his wardrobe. Lets know a bit more about Mayur through this chit chat today.

TGPC: Hi Mayur, so what really drove you into fashion and designing?

Mayur: Since childhood I always had attraction towards drawing and creativity. I was a sincere child in school days and always used to win drawing competitions. As I came from small town, I didn’t know much about fashion industry and how to enter in this glamour world? So my parents suggested me to choose Degree course of “Architecture”. Hence I came to Pune after my 12th for my further education in the year 2014. So in my college campus there is a fest called “Sinhagad Karandak” which used totake place and every year our architecture college used to win that trophy. Thats how my inner talent came outside during college days. On social media I used to upload all my creative stuff and fashion illustrations. So one day one of the “fashion college” in Pune INIFD college saw my work on instagram and they offered me an opportunity for their annual fashion show competition. All the participants were experienced fashion student and I was newcomer Architecture student there. I took it as challenge and gave my best and finally I won best designer trophy and jury’s favourite award in that fashion show. That’s how I entered in fashion world with big Dreams in my eyes and my journey as a fashion designer begain in 2019.

TGPC: What was your break through moment in fashion industry?

Meet Mayur Bhoyyar: A rising fashion star

Mayur: In January 2019, I did my first fashion show in Pune and I got opportunity to design showstopper garment for ‘Priyanka Kumari’- Miss India Intercontinental 2017. I designed beautiful intricate maroon colour evening gown and I got best designer award for that design. Best part was that design became very famous in fashion industry. So it was turning point for me as every renowned fashion model, Photographer, cinematographer started contacting me by seeing my work on Instagram and they wanted to work with me. That gown changed my life forever, it gave me path to enter in this glamour world. it was my breakthrough moment in fashion industry.

TGPC: How did you feel when Tanvi Kharote won India’s Miss TGPC  wearing your designed evening gown.

India's Miss TGPC Season 7 Finale: Meet the winners

Mayur: Since I got into fashion industry, it was always my dream to work with beauty queens. So when Tanvi won India’s Miss TGPC, I felt extremely proud. She is a strong and focused woman, inspiring many young girls in the industry. I am glad I was a part of her winning journey.

TGPC: What are some fashion tips you would like to give to young aspirants who are educating themselves about fashion.

Mayur: I must say, consistency is very important in every field. According my experience, you need to polish your skills and stay updated about new fashion trends. As a designer you need to know about every minor detail and skills. Improve your sketching illustration skills, so whatever you are imagining that can be shown on paper. Learn different skills like hand embroidery, hand painting, fabric knowledge that will help in your fashion designing career. Practice everyday. You will get the result.

TGPC: What are 3 must have for any model in terms of fashion accessories.


For Female Models
1) Black Sphagetti Top
2) Blue Denim Shorts
3) Nude Colour Heels

For Male Model
1) Black Round Neck t-shirt
2) Black Jeans
3) White Shoes

When models go for any audition, these are 3 things are very important in terms of fashion .

TGPC: How was experience working with India’s Miss TGPC Season 8 winners.

India’s Miss TGPC Season-8 Winners in Resham Dorr collection by Mayur

Mayur: First of all thanks to India’s miss TGPC, who gave me this opportunity to design lovely gowns for Season 8 winners- Vidhi Sharma, Komal Bhardwaj, Alka Chandra. It was amazing experience in the city of dream ‘mumbai’. I met all the 3 winners, they are very talented and confident in front of camera. They know how to carry outfit and how to pose effortlessly. All 3 winners were so humble to me and supportive. We all talked about are experiences in fashion industry, our life journey. Shared some shoot experiences with each other. It was memorable day in Mumbai. Talking about “Resham Dorr” collection all 3 gowns were hand embroidered using ribbon work and embroidery thread. I made those gown in just 6 days that was challenge for me. I got Amazing response from all the pageant community and social media audience to Resham Dorr collection. India’s Miss TGPC is doing great job by giving platform to young aspirants to showcase their talent.

TGPC: If you could design and style one celebrity or Beauty Queen. What would it be?

Mayur: Without a second thought, it will be “Priyanka Chopra” miss world 2000. In an interview once she said, “You give me anything, you will tell me to paint the wall, I will do the best damn painting job you ever seen.” So that’s my approach towards life like Priyanka. You give me any creative work, I put my heart and soul in it. She inspired me a lot. Her journey is incredible.

TGPC: You have recently done a course as a makeup artist. What are some key tips you recommend everyone from that course.

Meet Mayur Bhoyyar: A rising fashion star

Mayur: I like creative work related to fashion. So I decided to learn makeup skills as I do shoots on regular basis. These are the extra skills I am adding to my journey that will help me to grow in this competitive environment. I want to tell everyone makeup is an art, that enhances your beauty, it highlight your features. It help you to groom yourself and it makes you look presentable. It makes you confident as a person.

TGPC: What are your goals in fashion industry where do you see yourself after a decade?

Mayur: As I earlier said, when it comes to fashion I like everything about glamour world. So I am always ready to learn new things and improve my skills whether it is makeup/hairstyling skills or how to pose in front of camera or dance or how to do embroidery work on fabric or stich the designer outfit. My bucket list is too long. I’m focusing on all these things that will make me standout in crowd and help me to grow in this fashion industry. I love working around camera. Working with new people everyday, I get to learn many new things from each individual person.

TGPC: Who is your favourite model/actor that you have worked with.

Mayur: Srushti, Vijaya, Anita, Aishwarya, Yasin and Siddharth. They are very effortless in their skills. Being experienced people, they always supported me in my fashion career and always motivated me to do great things in my life.

TGPC: Any message for our readers.

Meet Mayur Bhoyyar: A rising fashion star

Mayur: I am just an ordinary boy who believe in my dreams and worked hard to reach to that goal. My journey is never been easy but I always fight for my dream and took stand for myself. It gives immense satisfaction when people know you by your work and the person you are. Humbleness and professionalism is very important in this field. There is a dialogue from Madhur Bhandarkar’s fashion movie, “Fashion industry me talent kam bhi ho toh chalta hai, but attitude galat ho toh kuch nhi ho sakta.” And I completely agree to that. So never give up on your dreams. Be patient. You will get what you want in your life. Be humble. I want to thank TGPC for this amazing interview. I hope people get to know me as a boy with dream & aspirations and a self made person.