Dr. Tvacha presents TGPC’s Talent Of The Month June 2021: Meet the Winners

TGPC's Talent of the Month

Dr. Tvacha presents TGPC’s Talent of the Month for June 2022 edition concluded with 3 winners taking crowns home. The winners were Anushka Chauhan, Annu Hooda, Himanshi Deep. They battled out 9 other contestants in the contest to claim the title. The contestants were evaluated on the basis of their personality, stage performance and their pictures. The contestants this time were groomed by Praachi Nagpal, Dipakk Shahi, Serena Khat and Dr. Amit Karkhanis from Dr. Tvacha. The contest was conducted on the online platform by TGPC, India’s No.1 Pageant Media portal. The Top 7 contestants also went through LIVE interview with the panel of jury before Top 3 got picked. The contest was judged by India’s Miss TGPC Season-9 runner-up Movneet Kaur, TGPC’s Talent January Winner Nikita Prajapati along with TGPC Panel.

Know more about winners:

Anushka Chauhan

19 years old Anushka hails from Ghaziabad. She loves Badminton, swimming, playing tabla, semi classical Kathak etc. in her free time. On being asked how she felt winning the title, she replied, “I have worked hard for a long time and it was not just about winning for me but the aim was to better myself continuously and present my best version out there. Winning TGPC’s Talent of the Month means a lot to me as it’ll be a testimony to my hard work and passion for something I always wanted to do.”

Annu Hooda

18 years old Annu hails from Delhi. She loves Dancing, Public speaking ,Novel Reading, Poetry and etc in her free time. On being asked how she felt winning the title, she replied, “I feel astoundingly amazing by the support and guidance that the entire team of TGPC’s Talent of the Month has provided me. This experience was astronomically amazing rather I should say priceless. This has definitely uplifted my self esteem to next level and made me better than who I was in the field of pageantry.”

Himanshi Deep

19 years old Himanshi hails from Bhagalpur. She loves sketching, reading, writing, videography, photography, cooking etc in her free time. On being asked how she felt winning the title, she replied, “Coming from a small city, I was often told I dreamt too big. It took years of mental struggle and a complete breakdown to realize the journey to my purpose was more important than the beliefs of those around me. I’m beyond grateful for TGPC’s Talent of the Month for providing me guidance and mentorship as I took my first step towards my dreams, towards believing I’m limitless. I hope one day down the line, my story becomes an inspiration to anyone who is compromising with their dreams, that they are limitless and everything is possible. Thank you!”