[Episode-4] India’s Miss TGPC Season-10: Designer Dress Round

With an intention of allowing budding designers a chance to showcase their creation on a national platform of pageant like Atharv Creations presents India’s Miss TGPC Season-10 co-powered by Urban Desert and The Great Pageant Community as well as making girls improve their collaboration skills, we created Designer Dress round where every finalist are instructed to collaborate with a designer and present their creation. We are just so proud of each of the semi-finalists who took part in this challenger. The design which wins the round will get a direct entry to the girl into the Top 25 of the pageant as well as the designer will receive a trophy from India’s Miss TGPC. Have a look at the pictures and the video, premiering on 17th October 2021 at 8 PM.

Designer Dress Round Pictures

Designer Dress Round Video

Can you guess who will win?

Graphics and Video by: Friends Creations