India’s Miss TGPC Season-8 Winners at Dimple & Amrin Grooming Studio


The winners of India’s Miss TGPC Season-8: Vidhi Sharma, Komal Bhardwaj and Alka Chandra had an amazing time spent at Dimple and Amrin Studio getting style groomed by ace celebrity stylist Dimple Mehta along with Make-up and Hair Artist Urvashi Sanghavi. Dimple Mehta had been styling the IMT winners for past 5 seasons. Her wardrobe collection as been one of the best fit for any girl vying for pageant grooming.  Dimple has been into fashion industry for past 10 years where she dressed up stylists celebrities for Oscar Red Carpet, Cannes Film Festival and have done various international fashion shows. On being asked what advice would she give to girls vying for pageants, she replied, “Remember one size doesn’t fit all. Look into the details of how you can stand out. To understand everyone’s body types are different so what suits one dose not mean it will suit you. Same with the face structure everyone has a particular face shape so to know and understand how to wear your make up correctly. Which enhances your face and highlights your best features. To wear the right clothes that suit you to bring out the best in you. To chose colours that suit your personality for clothing and makeup as everyone’s skin tone differs. What hairstyle suits your face shape. Nails and hair need to be groomed at all times. Etiquette of how to speak and behave very important. One needs to have an holistic approach. If you can nail the above your confidence automatically goes up to the next level.”

Urvashi Sanghavi who did hair and make-up of the girls, associated with TGPC for past 5 seasons, mentioned that she had one of the most amazing times working with IMT. She had worked with various well known celebrity, Rohiny Belani, Shweta Mehta, Shikha Mehta; to name a few. Urvashi recommends to keep the skin super hydrated to have it all natural glow and healthy look. Let’s have look at the pictures from the grooming session and photoshoot.


Outfit: Dimple & Amrin

Styling: Dimple Mehta

Make-up and Hair: Urvashi Sanghavi

Video and Picture: Shivam Soni