[Episode-3] India’s Miss TGPC Season-9: Miss Golden Heart Projects

Miss Golden Heart contest gives opportunities to the contestants to do some organized projects for the good of the people and the world at large. We started with this contest in the Season-5 and we are so very grateful to see such strong performances in continuing till this season as well. We are so proud of each and every girl who took efforts to contribute to the society by doing noble works in such crucial time pf pandemic. Let’s have a look at the projects of 16 Shortlisted girls.

Top 16 Miss Golden Heart Projects (Click on name to watch)

Aashi Bagga

Aishwarya Anantha

Deeksha Narang

Havishya Kolli

Kajal Thakur

Khushi Arun

Manali Singh

Manisha Prem

Mohini Aghor

Prateekshya Anukankshya

Priyansha Yadav

Rashmi Shinde

Radhika Saxena

Riya Tirkey

Shazia Thakur

Vaishnavi Chaudhari

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