Meet Reena Bhavsar, A North Eastern beauty from Qatar who conquered the World

“It’s never too late, to achieve your dreams”

This has always been the life mantra of Reena Bhavsar, a Manipuri beauty staying in Qatar. She always dreamt of being a beauty queen in her bachelor life but never participated due to low self-confidence and a belief that she was not fit for pageants. It was after her marriage that she gathered the courage and reconsidered the thought of participating in Mrs. India.

Meet Reena Bhavsar, A North Eastern beauty from Qatar who conquered the World

Growing up, Reena Bhavsar came from a very humble background from a small village in Manipur. Her mother was a single parent who wanted Reena to be completely independent and not rely on people for her needs, making her tomboyish that kept her away from girly things, like make-up, walk. After marriage, when Reena saw one of her friends participating in Mrs India-Empress of the National Seaosn-1 by Diva Pageants; ran by Anjana Mascarenhas and Karl Mascarenhas, the temptation got better of her and on inquiry she got extremely positive review about the pageant. By this time, Reena had enough support from her husband to go ahead and participate in the pageant.

Apart from dealing with her regular challenges, Reena also had to leave her high paying lucrative job of working as Cabin Crew to give attention to her 4 years old specially abled daughter who couldn’t walk and eat without her presence. Reena Bhavsar stayed in Qatar and had to travel to India to participate in Mrs. India-Empress of the National 2019. However, luck didn’t seem to favour Reena much initially as her daughter caught Dengue upon few days of landing which required immediate medical attention from Doctors. She almost considered dropping off from the pageant but it was her husband who gave her strength and courage to go ahead to compete while he takes care of their daughter. Reena somehow managed to pack up for Pune for Mrs. India-Empress of the Nation.

While Reena was travelling, she was quite skeptical about the fact that she might have to undergo underestimated by the organisation and other contestants for being a north east beauty but to her surprise everyone was quite warm and welcoming. She quoted, “The organisers, Anjana Mascarenhas & Karl Mascarenhas, treated me as their daughter and not for a moment I feel I didn’t belong here. The training they gave in terms of how to speak, how to walk, how to present yourself on stage was beyond my imagination. It gave me confidence and boosted my morale.”

Meet Reena Bhavsar, A North Eastern beauty from Qatar who conquered the World
Reena won Best National Costume title

In the finale of Mrs. India, Reena Bhavsar was awarded the title of Mrs. Beauty with Purpose for raising maximum fund to support the education of over 100 girls and was also crowned as Mrs. India International Queen 2019. Winning Diva Pageants is a gateway for girls to represent internationally in reputed pageants. In fact, they hold record of winning maximum numbers of international pageant titles and subtitles. Hence, as the winner of this title, she got chance to represent India at Mrs. Icon World 2019 which was held in Mumbai and she competed against contestants of 12 countries from across the globe. She was awarded Mrs. Best International Costume which was inspired by her Manipuri culture and eventually ended up winning the main title as well, Mrs Icon World 2019. It was such a proud moment for Reena Bhavsar having won the international pageant in her first attempt, especially because she never believed in herself to begin with.

Meet Reena Bhavsar, A North Eastern beauty from Qatar who conquered the World
Reena Bhavsaar with Anjana Mascarenhas and Karl Mascarenhas

Reena mentioned that the win didn’t come so easily to her as she had to do lot of homework for the pageant, work on her walk, go through strict dieting, however the grooming she got at Diva pageants and the constant guidance by Anjana and Karl Mascarenhas never let her doubt her calibre and she kept marching forward in the contest. In fact, the Mascarenhas duo came to finale to cheer for her as she performed on the stage and couldn’t stop the pot of emotions overflowing on seeing Reena claiming glory by winning the title.


This is for the first time a beauty hailing from North East and staying in Qatar has won such prestigious titles on beauty pageant. This sets out as an inspiration that someone who didn’t have confidence to believe in self is now someone who has become inspiration to millions out there. We hope ladies reading this article take a leaf from the book of Reena and progress on the same timeline that Reena has created on the pages of history.

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