How can Pageant Aspirants use the Lock-Down Period to improve their pageant skills?

Contestants at a trans beauty pageant in Pattaya rehearse in face masks (Image: Lehtikuva)

The world is at a standstill due to lock-down. Never in recent history of humanity have people been locked in their houses like this. After few days of exploring all possible entertainment options, now people are remembering that once lock down will be over, real struggle will start because the economies of most countries will be totally down due to lock-down. Hence they are starting to learn new skills. During this period, even pageant aspirants can keep themselves busy in improving their “pageantry skills” in following ways.

  1. Watch old pageants – Watching the videos of old national and international pageants can be very helpful in terms of increasing one’s knowledge and awareness about how pageants work. Many really successful pageant girls like Nehal Chudasama were actually big pageant fans before entering into the pageant world. Such videos are easily found on YouTube.
  2. Read – Yes, there is no better way to improve your diction, vocabulary, thinking abilities and overall speech skills than to read. Read books of famous authors from around the world. Read non-fiction books on various topics related to pageants and even other topics. It will broaden your scope of thinking and perception. Read old classics like Fountainhead, Wuthering Heights, etc. Read Harry Potter. Read!
  3. Practice your walk – All you need is a camera and heels. Shoot yourself while walking and review the videos. Get feedback from experts. Once the lock down is over, you can amaze everyone with your ramp-walk skills.
  4. Meditate – Yes, meditate. Learn to calm your mind. It helps you stay calm when a lot of things happen around you and a lot of things do happen around you during pageants. You meet many strangers. You feel judged. There are doubts. There is confusion. If you are a meditator, finding your calm in such situations will come easily.
  5. Make-up & Styling – Instead of watching movies and series all the time, how about watching some videos on styling, fashion and make-up skills! Learn about the subjects from different points of views. Watch videos of people from different countries on these topics. You can also experiment within your house.
  6. Work-out – Yes, work out. Most of the gyms are not working, so it is a good opportunity to learn how to exercise at home. You can learn Yoga. You can learn body-weight exercises. Pageant winners and aspirants do not get access to gyms all the time while they travel.
  7. Work on your speaking skills – You can practice pageant question and answers with other pageant girls. You can record your answers and review them. You can practice elocution on popular topics by recording your own speeches for few minutes and later review them.

For those who are interested, there are many ways to learn and improve pageant skills in the lock-down period. In addition to the above, you can also consider joining TGPC’s Talent of the Month, TGPC’s monthly contest for scouting beauties.