[Episode-12] India’s Miss TGPC Season-8: Style Icon Finals Result

Congratulations to the Top 8 scorers of Style Icon final round who now has an assured spot in the  semifinals (Top 20)! Interestingly, they are the last 8 girls to be entering the Top 20. For remaining 17 girls, the contest comes to an end. However, every end means a new beginning to something wonderful. It would be an understatement if we say we are so proud of them. Look at the growth these girls have achieved during the process of India’s Miss TGPC Season-8. As for the girls who entered the Top 20, now have the eligibility to win their state title. Let’s have a look at Top 8 scorers and how jury scored rest of the girls.

Style Icon Final Score

Congratulations to these 8 girls!!!

In case you missed out to see the Top 20 of Style Icon performance, have a look below.

Next up: Evening Gown Competition!!!