[Episode-9] India’s Miss TGPC Season-8: Style Icon Finals

Earlier we saw 37 finalists of Atharv Creations presents India’s Miss TGPC Season-8 finalists competing in Style Icon Preliminary round, based on which the jury Nikita Tanwani, Pornima Buddhivant and Bhairavi Burad scored the girls. The Top 20 scorer of this round moved onto Style Icon Final Round where separate panel of jury will score these shortlisted girls who will then stand a chance to enter the Semi-Finals of the contest through 8 spots. Let us see who are the 20 lucky girls who got shortlisted for Final evaluation.

To see the detailed scoresheet of preliminary round, please click below.

Preliminary Score-Style Icon Round

Jury for this Round:

Hector Joaquin:  International Pageant Host and Expert

Kartik Behl: Pageant Expert and Co-founder of Atharv Creations

Shriya Torne: Teen Universe India 2018 and India’s Miss TGPC Elite Season-2