Exclusive: Interview with Valeria Vazquez-Miss Supranational 2018


Valeria Vazquez from Puerto Rico was crowned as the winner of Miss Supranational 2018. She is first ever Puerto Rican queen to claim the title of Miss Supranational. She had one of the most interesting reigns and while she has passed on her crown, her foot prints have been stamped on out hearts. Her humble attitude and easy to connect nature makes her a queen to remember for ever. We were lucky to have gotten chance to have an exclusive interview with Valeria at TGPC. Let’s have a look at our conversation with Valeria.

TGPC: How has life been after passing on the crown of Miss Supranational 2018?

Valeria: It has been great, I am back to my studies in medical technology to finally finish them and trying to retake everything I put on hold for a year.

TGPC: How different is Valeria in personal life than what we get to see on her social media account?

Valeria: I try to keep everything the same, I don’t believe in forming up a “persona” for social media because I don’t want to be seen as something I am not or someone unreachable, I love when people can see me as someone relatable. For sure something different is that I am more fun in person, Ha Ha!


TGPC: What is one of the most cherishable memory you have from the period of Miss Supranational 2018?

Valeria: Most definitely getting to travel around and meet new people. My year as Miss Supranational was one of personal growth because of all the different cultures, climates, countries, situations, etc that I got to experience. Something also that will never go away, not even by passing the crown, is the bonds I was able to make with new people I now get to call friends.

TGPC: What is one myth people have about pageants that you would like to bust?

Valeria: That beauty queens are just physical beauty. I wish people that criticize us would put on our shoes for just one day so that they can experience all the things we go through and also so they can meet all the amazing, inspiring and intelligent boss women that I have met while in this journey.

TGPC: Are we going to see Valeria into movies or television any soon?

Valeria: oh! I truly hope so! It is something on my plans but first I have to finish my current studies.

TGPC: Puerto Rico is a beautiful country with beautiful people, as an ambassador of the country, how would you like the world to see Puerto Rico as?

Valeria: Literally as what we call it “La isla del encanto” (the island of enchantment), Puerto Rico has way too many beautiful beaches, rainforests, rivers, cultural locations, among many other things. A lot of people fall in love not only with its visual appearance but also with its people. Puerto Rican people always say hi back with a smile, we are always up for dancing and music, always very happy and welcoming people, but among all very resilient.


TGPC: What motivated you to enter pageants? And what tips would you give to young girls who aspire to be beauty queens?

Valeria: I decided to participate because I see pageants as a platform for networking your way into your dreams or maybe your desired career. Pageants put a certain spotlight on you that can open up many doors for your future. My goal was to be able to reach agencies internationally as a model and I managed to do so ♥️. For girls that aspire to become beauty queens I always tell them to go for it because it is an incredible once in a life time opportunity. The most important thing is to stay true to yourself and to be super confident because the criticism among this “world” is not that easy to take.

TGPC: How was your one year with Miss Supranational family?

Valeria: Incredible. I can truly say I love my Supra Family and I will forever have them in my heart. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my pageant carrier haha! I will forever be grateful with them.

TGPC: Do you believe in the concept of Feminism?

Valeria: I believe in the correct and only definition of Feminism which is based on sex equality between men and women. Why do I clarify ? Because now a days people tend to think that being a feminist means that women think and fight because they are better or deserve more than men, which as I already stated is not true.

Valeria Vazquez

TGPC: You are going to be one of the Jury for India’s Miss TGPC which is world’s first ever online pageant. How do you find this concept of having an online pageant which discovered few of the amazing national representatives from India?

Valeria: I think its an amazing idea because online pageants also serve as a platform for girls to be noticed and heard, even more now a days when social media is everything. Another good thing is that online pageants serve as a push for girls to get into a real pageant because they see all the amazing support they get from people that sometime don’t even know you. For this year I am super happy to be one of the judges for India’s Miss TGPC and I can’t wait to see who the candidates are!