[Exclusive] Miss Diva 2020 Final Hotpicks

Miss Diva 2020 is about to conclude in 4 days and we can’t wait to see who wears the ultimate glory on the head in the form of Miss Diva Universe 2020 crown. The pageant will also crown the Indian representative for Miss Supranational 2020. As per sources, reigning Miss Supranational Anntonia Porsild will be present during the crowning of the winners. Th 20 stunning contestants would be battling out against each other coming Friday night. The lot this year was very unique in its own way as it didn’t have a clear stand out consistently, except 1-2 girls but then each and every girl bought so much of variety on the table that it was hard to ignore any of them. After almost 1.5 month of observations and lot of analysis of the performance of the girls, we present you the Final Hotpicks of Miss Diva 2020 by TGPC.

[Exclusive] Miss Diva 2020 Final Hotpicks


Miss Diva Universe 2020: Adline Castelino

Adline had wind flowing in her direction even before she appeared for the audition as pageant pages always wanted her to come for Miss Diva. Not only Adline maintained her front runner status through out the contest, she kept growing on people through her performances. She is one of these very rare girls who would be an asset to India at Miss Universe, she knows why she is here and that’s her strength. Werner Wessels from Miss South Africa Org, who prepared Miss Universe winners Demi Leigh and Zozibini Tunzi, feels that Adline would be threat at Miss Universe contest. Adline’s national costume of portraying female farmers won hearts of pageant followers. Adline’s consistency in performance, cheek styling, focused attitude, magnetic personality and a real cause is a set of attractive qualities that would be a weapon for Miss India at Miss Universe. Right now, we feel its her crown to lose!!

Miss Diva Supranational 2020: Rushali Yadav

Rushali’s flawless beauty, modelesque stance, positive attitude is a big yes for a pageant like Supranational. Rushali shines on stage and that visible in her performance during preliminary events. Supranational pageant loves demure beauty and Rushali has it all. Rushali was also a contestant of India’s Next Top Model Season-4 where we barely recall she had negative interaction with any of the fellow contestant, which shows how positive this girl is. If Rushali wins ticket to Supranational, India once again will have a chance of winning the crown.

Miss Diva 2nd Runner-up: Aavriti Choudhary

Aavriti can be a very refreshing beauty as a Miss India (If she is sent to Miss Universe/Miss Supranational). Her interesting look combined with amazing skin tone and curly locks makes her a stand out. Beside Adline, Aavriti looks one girl who could be trained for Miss Universe easily. Her face is very promising and there is something magnetic about her smile that you can’t ignore her at all. It would be too good to ignore her from high placement in the finale.

Completing our Top 7 court, we have Lavanya Gunasekar, Shreya Poonja, Roshni Sharma and Malayshya. Lavanya  has amazing oratory skills and is a doctor, which is a plus point in pageants like Miss Universe. Shreya on other hand is fire on stage, she is like live electric wire with so much presence. We absolutely love Shreya and won’t be surprised to see her in Top 3. Roshni’s photogenic look and oratory skills grabbed the attention of people. Malashya on other hand has created a lot of Buzz around her by winning maximum number of subtitles. She has right combination of beauty and performance. Only if she can handle her QA well in finale, she would be force to reckon with.

Closing our Top 10 spots, we have Arshuna Sumbul, Shivangi Sharma and Archana Ravi. All 3 of them have managed to grab our attention at one or the other point of time and won’t surprise us if they end up placing higher.

Having said this, we would also like to mention the fact that pageants work a lot different than predictions. This is our detailed observations of how things should or may happen but we also won’t be surprised if the result is completely different than our prediction. All we want is 2 good representatives for India at Miss Universe and Miss Supranational and we feel it will happen.

Picture Courtesy: Miss Diva Organisation.