India’s Miss TGPC Season-8: Meet the Contestants

India's Miss TGPC Season 7 Finale: Meet the winners
Season-7 Winners: Kritya Karda (2nd RU), Tanvi Kharote (Winner), Amanda Vas (1st RU)

This season was one of the toughest seasons we had; to shortlist applications, not just because we had many good girls, but also because we had 2200+ applications to review through the medium of registration links and social media scouting. It took our team 15 working days to finalize the shortlisted candidates. The fact that so many people trust us is overwhelming.

And this time its not just the Top 3 main crowns but also the State Level Crowns. Eligible finalists from their state may get a chance to be called as their states’ winner of India’s Miss TGPC.

This season we have 37 finalists from across India, in fact we also have Indian girls who are based in Dubai and Manila. This shows the strength and convenience that India’s Miss TGPC provides to girls of competing from any place on earth (we are open to Indian girls from other planets as well 😜). If this wasn’t all, some of the most trusted and renowned pageant experts of our TGPC community are proactively mentoring the contestants and hence we are looking forward to a FIERCE contest!!! Soon the show will start on our social media channels!! We are beyond excited!!

Let’s have a look at the 37 finalists competing for the title of India’s Miss TGPC Season-8 winner.

India’s Miss TGPC Season-8 Finalists

Vote for the Top 10 finalists of Miss Popularity. You can vote once in every second. Refresh page to vote again. Voting lines closes on 26th, 8 PM.

Who should win Miss Popularity?

  • Ayushi Korate (43%, 336,731 Votes)
  • Rukmini Sankhla (32%, 255,232 Votes)
  • Komal Bhardwaj (13%, 105,037 Votes)
  • Vidhi Sharma (6%, 46,792 Votes)
  • Vevonulu Ringa (3%, 21,120 Votes)
  • Aloysia Carneiro (2%, 16,442 Votes)
  • Anushka Deshpande (1%, 5,556 Votes)
  • Alka Chandra (0%, 1,327 Votes)
  • Mrunalini Kanta (0%, 610 Votes)
  • Simran Sayyad (0%, 215 Votes)

Total Voters: 789,062


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