Miss Universe 2019: Top 15 Swimsuit Performances


Swimsuit round in the Miss Universe contest is very important! It’s not just about having a fit body, it’s about the confidence, the moves and the overall presence that the delegates display. Everything affects the scores and the overall result of the contest. The round is also a revelation. Many girls we think are good turn out to be just okay in the prelims and some girls come out of nowhere and impress us. Same thing happened in Miss Universe 2019 prelims. Some of the favorites delivered, while some just failed.

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Here are out Top 15 picks for Miss Universe 2019, swimsuit performances.

Best in Swimsuit – Top 7


  1. Colombia gave the flawless swimsuit performance that you expect from the polished queens of Colombia. She was easily the best for us in the swimsuit round of prelims.
  2. Brazil. We loved her. She is tall, slim, trim and has an exuberant air about herself. We love her chic hairstyle!
  3. France. Yes, she fell on the stage and then recovered herself in a very cheerful way. If we cut that part out, she did an absolutely splendid job and had she not fell, she would have topped the list!
  4. USA. Those abs. That well-measured yet effortless walk. This girl has worked hard and her discipline shows.
  5. India. That fabulous face is everything. Add to this, the girl is in good shape and presented herself well.
  6. Puerto Rico. Her experience in pageantry shows. She presented herself with a lot of energy which made her impressionable.
  7. Kenya. The girl is a surprise. We all liked her but never thought she would do this well on the stage! 
  8. Philippines. You can’t deny a spot to this girl. She has the walk and she has the body. She has the attitude.
  9. Argentina. Not all that flattering in pictures, but in motion this girl is wow. Certainly well-trained by Osmel.
  10. Great Britain. A surprise for us. Her beauty as well as her presentation made her shine.
  11. Iceland. There has been a hype about this girl since always and she lived up to it in this round.
  12. Vietnam. She is lanky and she has got moves. She proves why she is a top model in her country.
  13. South Africa. Zozi presents herself with undeniable confidence. That vibe can never be denied.
  14. Kosovo. Bit of a surprise for us. But this girl has got the face and she has got the curves.
  15. Netherlands. She is tall and has a good figure. She reminded us a bit of Jennifer Hawkins, though a raw version.

Within 24 hours, we shall who among these beauties actually make the cut! Let’s hope, as cliché as it may sound, that the best one wins.

Images: @reinasdelmundo (Instagram)