Miss Universe 2019: Top 15 Preliminary Evening Gowns

It was hardly a week we saw contestants arriving and then we see them competing on the preliminary stage for the Top 20 spots in the finale. Can’t believe that Catriona Gray will be passing on her crown in few hours time. Miss Universe 2019 Preliminary competition took place in Atlanta, where 90 contestants battled out against each other to find a spot in the finale. The 90 contestants paraded in their swimsuit and evening gowns. The competition in the swimsuit portion was neck to neck but it is the evening gown competition that will cause some upsets, because some girls came out of nowhere to perform exceptionally well and some front-runners disappointed. We won’t be talking about the performances in this post but we will simply review the evening gowns. One major disappointment was the stage size and improper lighting which didn’t allow girls to show their true performances or shine them in best of their capability. We hope to see Miss Universe org improving on this aspect in coming editions. Lets see who were the Top 15 our team picked from the Miss Universe Preliminary Evening Gown competition.

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Bahamas: The flower beading gown on the top and the sparkle with see through on the bottom made amazing combo. Miss Bahamas absolutely rocked it in this gown.

Chile: It’s very rare that multi-coloured gown comes out well but Chile was that rarity. She looked amazing with those side cut and perfectly fitting gown. Right girl with the right gown.

France: The gorgeous Ziad Nakkad gown of Miss France has insane amount of detailing. In far vision, it may come out as a normal gown but once you get to see a closer look, you’ll go gaga over it. France is anyway touted as one of the major contenders to claim the title in the finale.

Haiti: Silver shiny full sleeve gown of Miss Haiti looked amazing on her with her unique hair style. She looked super classy in this gown.

India: India’s gown looked little disappointing as she entered but when we got a closer look to it, we were amazed to see the creation of Falguni and Shane. The gown looked so captivating in pictures as well. People who were present at finale also mentioned that gown looked extremely breathtaking in person. This could be India’s year at Miss Universe.


Indonesia: Miss Indonesia looked extremely gorgeous in this black+maroon shimmery gown with trail down from one shoulder. We had seen similar gowns in past as well but this one was just an easy stand out.

Ireland: We absolutely loved the lace work on Ireland’s gown. The orange colour was jumping right out of her gown and the laces swinging was nice to see. We however wish she kept her hair open that would make her an easy stand out.

Laos: Laos gave a new definition to flowy gown. Yellow+Gold was deadly combo and Laos worked it well. It feels nice to see a new entrant country like Laos sending such good gown and the girl.

Myanmar: Miss Myanmar is extremely cute that you just can’t ignore her. The green beading on her gown was eye catchy and looked very elegant.

Nicaragua: Gold gown with swinging laces never goes out of fashion. it was hot sensation 5 years also, it is hot sensation now as well. Miss Nicaragua looked like a star in this amazing gown.


Panama: Miss Panama’s gown was shining throughout as if had miniature lighting fitted all over her gown. The beading and detailing was absolute love on Miss Panama’s gown.

Puerto Rico: We have seen such metallic looking gowns before as well but the highlight of Miss Puerto Rico’s gown was her deep back. It was sexy as well as unique. The moment she turned at head ramp, it stole the show.

Saint Lucia: Not many people hyped the gown of Saint Lucia but if observed in detail, it had amazing work over it. The colour, the work and the flow was amazing.

Singapore: Singapore has stood out from the beginning for her striking look and yesterday she rocked the classy white gown by Michael Cinco like no one else. Singapore might swoop in to the finals tomorrow.

USA: Miss USA wore Sherri Hill creation that made her look expensive. She was one of the best styled and dressed contestants in the prelim yesterday. The colour and the designed fit her well. Few people were criticizing her side trail but we found it complementing. If she makes it to the Top 5 tomorrow, there is hardly any chance she isn’t walking away with the crown.

Picture Courtesy: Miss Universe Org