7 Goddesses at Miss Universe 2019

The term ‘Goddess of Beauty’ represents the sheer perfection; The perfection in facial features of a girl that brings the harmony in the eyes of an observer. Miss Universe 2019 season kick started with a bang and has stunners overloaded in this year of the contest. Our team could list out 7 girls who fits perfectly in the mold the term Goddess. When we say goddess, it represents just the charm of face and as no influence of personality or attitude. The list of girls doesn’t reflect the prediction for Miss Universe 2019, but only the over all facial symmetry that is admired at any pageant. The girls possessing the most acceptable universal likeliness, as per our experts, made it to our top 7 of the ‘Goddesses of Miss Universe 2017’ list. Let’s have a look who are they:

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Albania-Cindy Marina


The chiseled barbie doll face Albania is raising eyes in Atlanta. She has this unique combination of charming yet modelesque face that is fit for pageants as well as modelling. Placements for Albania are rare and we feel this year’s representative is a shoo in to place just based on her face value.

Equatorial Guinea-Serafina Eyene

serafina nchama

The black barbie of the pageant, Equatorial Guinea has sent a stunner to the pageant. Her facial symmetry is extremely pleasing to eyes and can be touted as perfection amongst African beauties. Equatorial Guinea started sending girls to Miss Universe from 2012 but yet to receive a placement. This year they may get their first ever placement we feel.

France-Maeva Couke


Appointed to represent France at Miss Universe, many believed Maeva could have easily been Top 3 at Miss World 2018, or even won. She literally had the beauty and charm to take the brand legacy to an up notch. However, disappointed fans were extremely delighted to see Maeva’s name as Miss Universe 2019. It should be an easy game for France to place this year we feel.

India-Vartika Singh


India’s hope to get placement at Miss Universe got stronger with appointment of Vartika Singh as Miss Universe India. Indian fans have been constantly requesting to Miss Diva organisation to appoint either Meenakshi Chaudhary and Vartika Singh as Miss Universe, and the org finally listened to them. Vartika’s initial impression has raised hype around her in Atlanta. She is one of the best faces India has sent to Miss Universe and placement seems easily in the reach. It would be interesting to see how she fares in the finale.

Puerto Rico-Madison Anderson


Miss Grand International alumni, Madison has got commercially pleasing face that can easily sell with the brand tag as Miss Universe. Madison is a performer and we are damn sure she will leave no stone unturned at the prelims and in finale. Can this be the year of Puerto Rico? We’ll see come finale.

Spain-Natalie Ortega

natalie ortegaa

Natalie Ortega’s eyes are charming enough to hypnotise you, let alone her beauty quotient. She demure aura is the radiance of her look. We absolutely love this Spanish chick and would love to see her taking the placement far for her country.

Thailand-Paweensuda Drouin


Paweensuda has all hype going around her as she has similar stint as of Catriona Gray. She was a contestant at Miss Earth 2017 where she finished as Top 8, fans felt she deserved at least Top 4 if not the main crown. Thailand has very pleasing Aura and the country has managed to place 4 times in a row consecutively. Paweensuda is expected to continue the placement streak and possibly win the crown if we go by odds and hype.