Dr. Vartika Patil to represent West Asia at Mrs. Universe 2019

Dr. Vartika Patil to represent West Asia at Mrs. Universe 2019

Dr. Vartika Patil has been appointed to represent West Asia continent at the upcoming Mrs. Universe 2019. The pageant will be held in China where representatives from across the globe will be competing for the title. Vartika was born and brought up in Nagpur and completed her MBBS from Mumbai. She is also the CEO of Dr. Vartika’s Confidence Academy.

Dr. Vartika Parihar to represent West Asia at Mrs. Universe 2019

Vartika was earlier crowned as the winner of Mrs. West India which gave her confidence to forge ahead in the pageants at international level. She had done pageants before as well like Mrs. Maharashtra (Winner, Gladrags Mrs India (Top 10). Coming from an academically brilliant family, where all of her family members are either Engineers or Doctors, Varitka gives extreme importance to education. On asking her thoughts on the subject, she responded,

“As a woman of today’s time and era I feel it’s extremely important that females should be educated. As education gives us power of choice to chose the life we want to live. Being a homemaker or a professional or an entrepreneur should be completely an individual’s choice and not a compromise. Also being financially independent makes us confident to spread our wings and dream high. I feel so proud of my self that to pursue my dream in pageants and other hobbies I don’t have to financially depend on my husband or parents, not that they won’t support me if I need it, but not asking for support makes me feel empowered.”

We wish Dr. Vartika Patil all the best for her upcoming pageant!!!