Introducing TGPC’s Talent of the Month Contest

TGPCs Talent Log


TGPC presents one more avenue for pageant aspirants to come out and shine. And what’s more! The opportunity comes on monthly basis! Yes, that’s correct! We can’t contain our joy as we introduce TGPC’S TALENT OF THE MONTH [Online Pageant].

Every month we shall present a group of talented contestants and we pick the best one of them, the one with maximum potential to shine as assessed by our jury panel. Thus every month you have a chance to shine out on the best pageant portal (TGPC) of the India!

Whats new?

This pageant is open to Single Girls, Married Women, Transgender in single category. There is literally NO CRITERIA for participation, except minimum age requirement to be 18+. Since the spots every month would be limited, this would be on first come first serve basis. Yes, finally we hope to see the eyes of the thousands of those who message us for broader criteria glitter.

This is an EXPRESS CONTEST. The activity of the participants is of one time and can be diligently wrapped up in an hour. Unlike India’s Miss TGPC, here we assess the potential then and there rather than over a period of time.

What is the format?

There will be approximate 3-4 rounds against which contestants will be evaluated by jury as a whole. The round would be focusing upon walk, personality, styling, voting, over all presentation and star quality of the candidate. The rounds would be easy to perform in general and won’t take much of time to complete. At the end of the contest 3 winners would be declared who will be named as TGPC’s Talent of the Month. It is completely an online contest like India’s Miss TGPC. You can sit at home and yet be a finalist and win.

How to Apply?

  1. Message to Instagram Page of TGPC’s Talent of the Month [Click Here]
  2. The talent team will go through your instagram profile (Please keep it public). If shortlisted, the page will reply you with the process to enroll. Shortlisting should comparatively be easy, however not guaranteed.

How much is the participation Fees?

The entry fees would be Rs. 2000/-. There may be occasional deals/discount offer going on.

What are the Prizes?

-Title of ‘TGPC’s Talent of the Month’

-Sash to the winner(s)

-Crown to the winner(s)

-No screening needed for India’s Miss TGPC. Direct entry will be given to the winners in the list of India’s Miss TGPC finalists.(Fees applicable as usual).

-Winning article on India’s No.1 Pageant Media Portal website

-Promotion on TGPC’s social media outlets

-Skin Treatment Discount Coupon from Dr. Tvacha

-Crown Portfolio shoot of winners by Confidence and Crown