[Episode-10] India’s Miss TGPC Season-7: Miss Golden Heart Result

We are glad to announce the results of Miss Golden Heart contest in this episode! It feels good to appreciate the good work done by young women.

The contest begun in season 5. The edition of the first winner was Tejaswini Rabha, while the winner of the second edition was Pornima Buddhivant, who is currently in Myanmar as the ambassador for the country in Miss Tourism and Culture Universe 2019. Interestingly, Tejaswini Rabha has won the competition AGAIN, this time with PROJECT AROGYA, an approach to spread the importance of the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Jury found her a convincing winner even in such strong competition.


Winner: Tejaswini Rabha (20 Points)

1st Runner-up: Amanda Vas (18 Points)

2nd Runner-up: Jesheen Mann (16 Points)

3rd Runner-up: Shreya Gaddam (14 Points)

4th Runner-up: Neha Moon (12 Points)

Rest Top 10:

Amrita Parihar, Bharti Kumari, Meghana Prasanna, Subhashree Swain, Sukraty Saxena (10 Points Each)

Congratulations to all the winners! You receive double points for your wonderful work, in addition to a lot of good will and karma.