[Episode-5] India’s Miss TGPC Season-7: Style Icon Scores

We are glad to see the beautiful comments our contestants have received for the Style Icon round. They have done well and they deserve it! We are glad that the competition is fierce because it pushes the girls to give their best and thus to grow in the process more than they could have in easier competition. We are glad the mentors helped the contestants to bring out their superior versions.

Here are the scores by the jury for the Style Icon round. These scores make up 50% of the preliminary scores that will determine 15 of the 20 semifinal spots. Of course, there are 5 spots by leaderboard too.

Click to see the scores of Style Icon Round

We urge our contestants to take these scores positively. They may determine where you are, but they will only help you move further along the path towards where you want. Don’t let these bog you down! These are just numbers.

This week we will witness the contestants in the Ethnic wear competition. Like last week, the three teams will compete one by one. Ethnic round is often the best among all walk round. WE ARE EXCITED! 😀