India’s Miss TGPC Season-7: Introduction Videos of Contestants | Celebrating Diversity

We feel proud to see that contestants from more than 23 states are part of this season! Imagine us beam at you as we delightfully present the introduction videos of our contestants, in their native languages! Yes, this is unprecedented for pageants. We are glad that this move of being more open, inclusive, accepting has been well-received. Love after all is another name of being inclusive and accepting. India is a diverse country and pageant is a mean of empowering women. By allowing girls to introduce themselves in language of their choice, we wish to pass on message to every aspirant that you can win even if you are not fluent in English. Language doesn’t matter, what matters is your thought and presentation. Let us celebrate the diversity of the country India and have a look at 51 contestants in their Introduction Video.

[yotuwp type=”playlist” id=”PLJ9ZCicXUEF-eOC_haVPA6TtYXT546SWx” ]

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