11 important points Mr. Nawat revealed for next edition of Miss Grand International.

In a recent Press conference held by Miss Grand International to discuss about the upcoming edition that will be held in Venezuela, following were the points revealed by Miss Grand International team.

1. Valentina Figuera will represent Venezuela at Miss Grand International 2019

2. The final night of Miss Grand International 2019 will be held at the Poliedro de Caracas which has 20,000 maximum capacity seats.

3. MGI2019 is going to kick off from 9-25 October 2019. There is a special fashion show for all queens in the Alfredo Sadel Plaza too.

4. TAMANACO INTERCONTINENTAL CARACAS is the official 5-star hotel for all queens during their stays.

5. In case there is an electrical problem (Black Out) in the area, we have a power plants to generate electric power. And Mr. Nawat, the President of MGIO will bring some technology from THAILAND to fix this problem too.

6. A main broadcast channel of MGI 2019 is TelevenTV @televentv . We can also watch LIVE from Youtube and official MGI Facebook too.

7. All income without deducting expenses will give it to VENEZUELA 🇻🇪 and all expenses from this event since day 1 till the end, MGIO will pay it all)

8. The ticket for the final night of MGIO is FREE!

9. The main goal in 7th edition which be held in Venezuela is bring the peace and happiness back in this hard time.

10. All MGI’s contestants will have a life insurance contract and have bodyguards to protect them all day and night.

11. The winner of MGI will travel a lot more than 15 countries not only for crown the new queen from each country but also do many charities about the campaign STOP THE WAR AND VIOLENCE too.

Credit : GRAND MGI | IG: @grand_mgi