Miss India 2019: Final Review & Expert Choices

Miss India 2019 is turning out to be one of the more competitive batches in recent years. There are many strong girls and it’s bit sad that India’s representative for Miss Universe will not be picked from this lot. We so miss the 90s when there was just one contest and the winners went to top pageants. Anyway, we are still glad that representatives for Miss Grand International and Miss United Continents will be picked from this batch.

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Here is our zone-wise review for the contestants.

North Zone

  • Haryana – Sonal Sharma is one of the best speakers of the contest and can cause an upset in the finals.
  • Himachal Pradesh – Garima Verma speaks impressive Hindi and has an attractive face with good presence.
  • Jammu and Kashmir – Megha Kaul is one of the best faces of the pageant, and a look which has immense international appeal. She speaks with immense confidence, though some overall polishing is needed before she shines internationally. STRONG CONTENDER
  • Madhya Pradesh – Garima Yadav is one of the most consistent and stand out delegates. Her face is mesmerizing and she is always well-styled. Her personality is regal and her fluent Hindi will urge to re-study the national language. STRONG CONTENDER
  • New Delhi – Mansi Sehgal is attractive and has done well, yet she hasn’t stood out in the contest as a front-runner as of yet.
  • Punjab – Harnaaz Kaur is downright stunning and totally stole the show in the subtitles crowning event. She not only won maximum number of subtitles, but she looked the best on the stage too.STRONG CONTENDER
  • Uttarakhand – Siddhi Gupta stands out in the contest due to her height and commercial face. She is also a very good speaker.
  • Uttar Pradesh – Shinata Chauhan was identified as the early favorite by fans, but over the time she has lost the recognition. She should try to come across a bit more natural and spontaneous.

To conclude, we see some major crown contenders from this zone and they are Megha Kaul, Garima Yadav, and Harnaaz Kaur. Rest of the girls (especially Siddhi Gupta) are good too and very much in the contest.

South Zone

  • Andhra Pradesh – Nikita Tanwani comes across as highly intelligent and genuine. She is fit and has an impressive walk. Overall she is quite focused and competitive. STRONG CONTENDER
  • Karnataka – Aashna Bisht is representing one of the strongest areas of the country when it comes to pageants, and yet she hasn’t stood out in the contest by far.
  • Kerala – Lakshmi Menon stands out in the batch at times in group shots and speaks fairly nice. We don’t see her as a major favorite, but she is certainly one of the strong girls.
  • Tamil Nadu – Rubeiya is representing the state which won the pageant last year. She looks great on stage but overall doesn’t stand out in the group.
  • Telengana – Sanjana Vij has a very commercial look and particularly stands out in pictures. She is quite popular among pageant fans and is expected to place in the Top 10 by most of them. STRONG CONTENDER

To conclude, Sanjana Vij and Nikita Tanwani are the crown conteners from this zone.

West Zone

  • Goa – Shaashthra Shetty has a cute face and an enchanting smile. She looks like a doll, but she doesn’t stand out in the group.
  • Gujarat – Mansi Taxak is one of the tallest girls in the batch. She has a nice face and probably can surprise everyone in the finals with a placement.
  • Maharashtra – Vaishnavi Andhale is one of the most polished girls out there. She looks great and her walk is impressive too. STRONG CONTENDER
  • Rajasthan – Suman Rao is easily standing out as the clear favorite in the group. Her looks, her walk, her personality – she can do exceptionally well in international pageants. WINNER MATERIAL

To conclude, we have high hopes from Suman Rao. We feel she will surely be present in the Top 3. Vaishnavi is also a crown contender in our eyes.

North East

  • Arunachal Pradesh – Roshni Dada is a very sweet girl. She speaks to the point and comes across as an adorable person in pictures and videos. Although her ramp skills are not at par, she still speaks with a lot of substance.
  • Assam – Jyotishmita has a gorgeous face, but we don’t see the fire to win. It seems she isn’t really trying that well.
  • Manipur – Urmila has done pageants in past and it shows. Overall she is a decent delegate. We don’t see her placing high.
  • Meghalaya – Sangeeta Das is another girl not able to stand out in the crowd. The competition is just too overwelmingly tough for her to make a mark.
  • Mizoram – Lalnunthari Rualhleng looks like a doll! She has a queenly vibe and stands out often in group shots.
  • Nagaland – Marina hasn’t really stood out so far, yet she is not coming across as particularly weak in any sense.
  • Sikkim – Sang Doma Tamang is considered among the best girls in the pageant. Her personality, presence and facial beauty are winning hearts! STRONG CONTENDER
  • Tripura – Jayanti is the tallest girl in the batch and yet she is one of the weakest girls out there.

To conclude, Sang Doma Tamang is one girl from this zone we feel has strong chances of sneaking in the Top 5, may be even Top 3. Roshni Dada and Lalnunthari can also do well in the finals.

East Zone

  • Bihar – Shreya Shanker is among the few girls who haven’t stood out much in the contest.
  • Chhattisgarh – Shivani Jadhav is winning hearts! Quite unexpectedly she is slowly creeping towards the top spots in most of the fan lists! Her walk, body and facial beauty are being liked by many. STRONG CONTENDER
  • Jharkhand – Chitrapriya Singh is one of the good contestants in the pageant, though we feel she hasn’t shown performance up to her full potential.
  • Odisha – Sheetal Sahu joins Shreya Shanker as another girl who hasn’t really impressed many by far.
  • West Bengal – Sushmita Roy is a known name among pageant fans and the best thing about her is the amazing transformation that she has displayed since the time she came into pageantry scene. She speaks well and stands out in the rather weak EAST zone.

To conclude, Shivani Jadhav is the strongest girl in the zone. Sushmita Roy can also do well in finals.

Final Conclusion – We feel following 9 girls have what it takes to shine in the FMI finals on 15th.


  • Winner material – Rajasthan
  • Strong contenders (in no particular order) – Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Chhatisgarh, Telangana.

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May the best ones win!!!