[Episode 9] TGPC’s Miss India Season 6: Top 5

What initially started as a strong competition has become even stronger as the contest progressed and contestants improved. The selection of Top 10 itself was so difficult for us and now we will have only 5 girls going ahead in the contest. This season was just amazing filled with the wonderful contestants, jury, rounds and our elite. The judges did the scary tasks of scoring the Top 10 finalists for their overall performances. These scores have been added to determine the Top 5. Along with the 5 jury, elite played the role of 6th jury.

CLICK to see the Elite Scores

Scoresheet: Rank 6-10



Congratulations Apurva Aggarwal, Pratiksha Thakare, Rachel Nayyar, Ritija Singh & Ritika Raghav for making it to the Top 5.

We will know the Top 3 queens of Season-6 on coming SUNDAY!!!