Femina Miss India 2019 South Zonals: TGPC’s picks for the Crown

Tonight will be the night when we will get the first set of 5 representatives of their state for Femina Miss India 2019. The south zonal crowning will take place in Bangalore tonight where 15 girls  will be vying for 5 state titles. Our team has analysed each girl during past few weeks post their selection and have made their choices for the crown.

Simran, Nikita, Sushmitha

Andhra Pradesh: The reigning Miss Andhra Pradesh is also one of the Miss India 2018 winners and hence our expectation from this state was comparatively higher. However the batch turned out to be decent. Among the 3 contenders- Nikita Tanwani, Simran Pareek & Sushmitha Raj, the fight for the crown seems to be between Nikita and Simran, both are running very close in the race. However, for winner spot, we feel Nikita might be a better choice as she has got good height, facial charm and good speaking skills.

Aashna, Shalini, Divita

Karnataka: The three girls Ashna Bisht, Divita Rai & Shalinii Mennon are extremely good as a lot. However, Divita is an instant stand out due to her good height and facial charm. She is also an amazing speakers so we are expecting her to win the crown tonight.

Jane, Lakshmi, Archana

Kerala: This one seems to be toughest state of all because the Top 3-Archana Ravi, Jane Thompson, Lakshmi Menon are just equally good. It will be difficult for jury as well to pick a winner from this state. However, going by the general pageant fans opinion, we feel Archana Ravi might win. She also has a strong social project against Bullying, which may favour her win tonight and make her a strong contender at National pageant as well. However, Jane or Lakshmi would equally be good as the winner of the state.

Tamil Nadu
Rubeiya, Suruthi, Anjali

Tamil Nadu: The reigning winner is from Tamil Nadu which seems to have influence over girls auditioning as we saw a better lot at auditions and a strong Top 3- Anjali Schmuck, Suruthi Periyasami, Rubeiya Sheik. Anjali stands out immediately for her beauty and charm. She resembles a bit to Meenakshi Chaudhary. The fight for the crown seems mostly between Anjali and Suruthi, but our pick would be Anjali.

Manasa, Sanjana, Tejaswini

Telangana: Telangana has Manasa Varanasi, Sanjana Vij and Tejaswini Manogna as contenders. Sanjana has face of demi-goddess but seems too raw at the moment. While Manasa also seems little raw but has got immense potential to do wonders at national as well as international pageants (Miss World). Tejaswini is the most prepared girl from the lot at the moment but we feel she is bit pageant patty, she needs to know where to put a full-stop when holding mike, otherwise she is really good. The fight looks between Tejaswini and Manasa but we would love to see Manasa winning as she has untapped potential.