Miss Universe 2018: Our Top 20 in Evening Gown Competition

The whole pageant game seems to change once the preliminaries are over in Miss Universe and this year is no exception. Some of the favorites didn’t deliver while some of the non-favorites emerged out of nowhere and shined when it matters. Evening gown round is really important since it conveys a lot about the confidence and overall energy of the girl. It isn’t the gown that matters the most. It isn’t even the walk (if judged just from technical perspective). It is the personal confidence and aura that helps the best ones shine out. A truly wonderful example would be this year’s Miss Colombia who technically did everything right but still doesn’t exude the confidence that all of her recent predecessors did.

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Here are the 20 favorites of our experts for the evening gown competition.

16-20: Ireland, Cambodia, Peru, Kazakhstan, Bolivia

Ireland truly turned out to be the saving grace of Europe. She is the only one who can even be compared to the prepared contestants from other regions when it comes to walk and stage presence. Cambodia was truly a surprise to us. She is in news because of the comments of Miss USA, we wished she also got attention for her cute looks and stage presence during this round. Peru came out in unique styling and we loved her for that. Her presence was also good. Kazakhstan really put her best foot forward in the prelims. The wink at the head ramp was such a moment for the whole show! Bolivia is a professional model and it shows. Her face and overall posture was quite attractive in the round.

11-15: PR, Indonesia, Venezuela, Philippines, Namibia

We expected more from Puerto Rico. Though she was quite there, but still she didn’t stand out as much we expected. Indonesia on the other hand delivered when it mattered. She again proved that Puteri Indonesia org is in the right direction as far as grooming is concerned. Venezuela performed how the country is expected to perform. We just wish the representative came across a bit more youthful. We want Philippines to do a lot better in finals. Our sincere suggestion would be a change in gown and hair style. A little more pompous look can do her better justice. We found Namibia exuberant and unexpectedly a lot stronger. Perhaps she remembers that she is from the lineage of Michelle McLean who won her title in Thailand 26 years ago.

6-10: Vietnam, Ecuador, Mexico, Curacao, Japan

Vietnam has the moves which she happily flaunted on the stage. Ecuador pushed her case based on her beauty and height. Mexico played the game putting her strength (facial beauty) as the main card. Curacao came out with a lot of grace and looked like a doll. Japan isn’t being talked as much, but we love her aura and beauty a lot.

1-5: India, Canada, Barbados, South Africa, Nigeria

India exudes the confidence and the aura that we talked about. She looked great, dressed flawlessly, her walk and overall mood was just so spot on! Canada has the image of that “tall, hot model” and she lived up to it! She looked amazing. Barbados was a major surprise. We found her presentation almost flawless. No wonder she got trained under Susie and Shandi! South Africa was bit low on energy or may be we expected more! But then after few dull seconds, she smiled and in an instant we saw the fairy that we were waiting to see! Nigeria was another surprise. Unlike majority of the girls from Africa, she looks prepared for this. She is certainly putting her best!

Close-shots: El Salvador, Ghana, Brazil, Malta, Australia

Here are our choices guys! Now we know you won’t agree on everything and it doesn’t really matter. Pageants are for fun, not for finding clones. Isn’t it! 🙂

Images: Miss Universe