7 Reasons why Cocoaberry is India’s No.1 Pageant Institute

7 Reasons why Cocoaberry is India's No.1 Pageant Institute
TGPCs Miss India Season-5 Winners (T-B): Garima Yadav, Nikita Tanwani, Deekshya Singh

Recently the winners of TGPC’s Miss India Season-5 went to India’s premium most institute for pageant and modelling training- Cocoaberry Modelling and Pageant Training Academy. The transformation we saw in girls was amazing within just 2 weeks of time and the feedback we had received was equally amazing. The improvement in girls has proven that every aspiring pageant girl or model should enroll into Cocoaberry institute immediately to change their life once and forever. Below are the 7 Reasons why we feel that Cocoaberry is India’s No. 1 Pageant Institute.

7 Reasons why Cocoaberry is India's No.1 Pageant Institute
Alesia Raut and Anjali Raut
  1. Best Mentors in the Industry: The institute is run by ace duo Alesia and anjali Raut who has experience of pageants and modelling for 18 years and their course is uniquely designed on realistic approach that gives the right base to aspirants to get kickstarted in their career . In fact, we have seen Alesia Raut walking India’s biggest fashion shows and being a part of various modelling shows & TV series as a Rampwalk coach. She is also the official Rampwalk trainer of Femina Miss India, Miss Diva and many other national pageants. On other hand, Ajnali has won the title of Mrs. India West 2017 and Mrs. India Homemaker 2017. She has good command over helping girls in building up the confidence through various modules of training sessions. And this is not just that, Cocoaberry also invites various experts in their respective field to train girls on different aspects, like they have a dance instruction who trains girls for stage opening choreography, they  have make-up sessions by experts, they have mediation sessions which helps girls maintain their calm and composure, as you compete for national and international pageants for almost 2-3 weeks and you tend to lose out balance out of intimidation that happens due to stiff competition.
  2. Follow up Revisions: So if you feel that you need a bit more revision on the above modules, as a lot depends upon learning pace of a girl, few does it in single session and few need 2-3 sessions to master the performances, you get perks of free follow up revisions. You enroll once but you become their student forever.

    Riya Subodh wins India's Next Top Model Season 3
    Riya Subodh, winner of INTM Season-3 was a Cocoaberry trained girl
  3. Multiple National Winners: This is the same institute that produced 2 Femina Miss India winners- Sana Dua and Shreya Rao, in past 2 years, 1 Miss Earth India- Nishi Bhardwaj winner, 1 Miss Diva winner- Roshni Sheoran, 1 India’s Next Top Model winner- Riya Subodh and multiple state winners and finalists at Femina Miss India and Miss Diva. They also had 5 girls from Cocoaberry institute at India’s Next Top Model this year out of which 1 is in Top 3 currently. In such a short span of inception, the institute has been extremely successful to produce national and international recognitions.
  4. Work Assignments: So how Cocoaberry stands our from other institute in India? Well, you not only get trained here but if they see a potential in you, you get work as well from the institute. Many of the Cocoaberry girls have gotten modelling assignments, photoshoots, TV ads etc after getting trained here. For any aspiring model, this is the best opportunity to earn while you learn. Many of their girls have got shortlisted for Lakme Fashion Show, including TGPC’s Miss India winner Deekshya Singh. So they not only mentor you but also work as Talent Manager for you.

    7 Reasons why Cocoaberry is India's No.1 Pageant Institute
    Portfolio Shoot at Cocoaberry
  5. Best Portfolio Photoshoots: All those who have seen the photoshoot quality given by Cocoaberry institute to their girls will understand why it is most successful institute in such a competitive environment today. The in depth preparations for the shoot focusing on minutest details is what sets their quality apart form other photoshoots. These photoshoots are extremely well suited to send them to clients when applying for modelling assignments.
  6. Highly professional treatment: What is really important in an institute is all girls are treated fairly and equal when it comes to judging or preference. Our experience shows that the mentors neither underestimate a girl’s capability nor do the overestimate them. This helps girls feel secured about themselves which helps in positive environment in the class, which if not maintain can turn the class into a mess with cold wars and cat fights going on ;). But, Alesia and Anjali ensures this with an ease by keeping the course highly professional in discussion.
  7. Accomodation assistance: The major worry for a girl while getting training anywhere is where to stay? Well, the institute has few contacts where they can help you find space within walkable proximity of the institute. So all you have to do is focus on your training and not worry about stay, food, safety.

To enroll in the institute, message on their instagram profile Cocoaberry Modelling and Pageant Training Academy.