Miss Universe 2018: 5 Girls to Watch Out

Miss Universe 2018: 5 Girls to Watch Out

Yet again it is that part of the year which gives every true pageant fan sleepless nights and countless questions as to who will take home the most prestigious title in the world, the universe rather! Yes, we are talking about the 67th Miss Universe Competition. To make it even more complicated this particular year is touted out as the strongest in years with great representatives from each and every nation. While fans already hail some girls as front runners say Miss Philippines Catriona Gray, Miss Puerto Rico Kiara Litz Ortega, Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green, and Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers, I’m trying to come up with possible deal breakers who I see as the “crown snatchers”.

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1. Miss Universe Australia, Francesca Hung

Miss Universe 2018 Contestants
Australia-Francesca Hung

Hung’s victory at her national pageant received polarizing views. While some absolutely loved her freshness, some found her forgettable. But to everyone’ surprise the moment she reached Thailand, she is taking the centre spot with her irreplaceable Aussie spunkiness and natural warmth and going by how IMG try to diversify things (last 4 Miss Universe winners hail from 4 different continents), a crown for Oceania is well within the cards

2. Miss Universe Japan, Yumi Kato

Miss Universe Japan, Yumi Kato

Yumi is sweetness and cuteness personified and honestly I haven’t been this much excited about a Miss Japan in a while. Credit must be given to her National Director Hiroko Mima who herself was a semifinalist in Miss Universe 2008 who molded yumi so well. The thing that differentiates Yumi from other Miss Japans is the fact that she is very well trained. We also heard she will be wearing Filipino designer’s gown for finale, clearly shows how much Hiroko understood the pulse of pageantry now when she herself belonged to the class of Miss Universe Japan winners who all wore European labels including Gucci and Valentino.

3.  Miss Universe Peru, Romina Lozano

Miss Universe Peru, Romina Lozano

Romina was the very first delegate to be crowned for this year’s Miss Universe. She was always under the radar heading into the competition but she look really pretty and her “Ready to perform attitude” make me to root for her. She has an infectious smile and if luck favors her, she could follow the recent trend of countries winning after long gaps because the last and only time Peru won the Miss Universe crown was 61 year ago! Wow that’s an insane gap!

4. Miss Universe Vietnam, H’Hen Niê

4. Miss Universe Vietnam, H'Hen Niê

We all know how much passionate are the Vietnamese fans when it comes to supporting their queens but unfortunately they didn’t get the right formula so far for so many years. But this year I have a feeling that it all might change. While there are debates’ going on around her that she is getting the attention only because of her short hair, I personally feel  she truly deserve all the hype solely because of the versatility she brings to the table in terms of her looks. She can wear anything and still can make u feel Wow. A fashionita in its true sense! Her approach-ability makes me feel like she is someone IMG would love to see as a finalist.Vietnam, this might be your moment to shine!

5. Miss Universe China, Meisu Qin

Miss Universe China, Meisu Qin

She might just win Miss Congeniality subtitle. On her arrival itself, she started getting noticed by people and got clicked with almost every girl around. This shows that she takes initiatives and is not laid back which makes her a great fitment to the mold of IMG who looks out for a humble, approachable and great speaker. She is tall and looks very cute. We won’t be surprised to see China getting a top 5 spot this year.

Article: Robin Verma

Pictures: Miss Universe