Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco supports Miss Earth Org on alleged Sexual Harassment Controversy

Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco supports Miss Earth Org on alleged Sexual Harassment Controversy

The ongoing battled between certain group of contestants on alleged sexual harassment and Miss Earth is taking interesting twists. Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco from Philippines has come in the picture to support Miss Earth by making few valid points. Lets see what is her statement.

“As I have been reading different sides of the controversy, let me speak mine.

I know what it is to compete. All the hard work, sleepless nights, pressure etc. wrapped up in a span of a whole month knowing that all candidates are vying for that one title.

For me, before I entered the pageant world, I knew what I was up for. As I have said in many interviews, it’s not just about winning the crown but more importantly knowing your mission, purpose and setting a good example to other people in and out of the camera.

My experience in Miss Earth was life changing. Tita Lorraine Schuck and all my team managers were like my parents in the competition. They gave us everything we needed and always looked after us. My team managers always made sure everyone was present and called our attendance each by country in every event. They made sure of our safety and looked after us when we got sick, but they can’t look after each and everyone every second of the competition. They also got exhausted just as the candidates were. This was a crucial time when the principles of a candidate came out.
Since anyone can approach you because you are in a public place, how do you respond?

I am grateful because I was surrounded by people who honed me on how to set an image to be respected by all people. As an adult, principles have been instilled in me all these years by my parents especially in the area of being grounded in Christ. They taught me well. Being discerning and prudent were the keys in helping me choose the right decisions even in the competition. In every situation there is a respectful way how to manage and handle everything.
Point taken that there will be different kinds of people out there no matter what path you take but the question is how you handle yourself in different situations.

Guardians are there to look after what you are doing, but there will come a time that they will no longer be there by your side. Will you apply the things they taught you all this time?

There has been a lot of misused words, miscommunication and misunderstanding, but to resolve this controversy may people not only look at one side of the story but both ends before making any conclusions.”

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