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TGPC's Pageant Grooming Workshops

With intent to serve Indian pageantry, we are back with yet another initiative – TGPC’s Pageant Grooming Workshops. If you are a pageant aspirant, here is a great opportunity for you to groom yourself for the game. TGPC, India’s leading pageant portal will bring together experts in different fields to help you become ready for winning hearts and crowns.

What is TGPC’s Pageant Grooming Workshop?

See it as a weekend course in which the participants will pass through important modules related to pageantry like catwalk training, basic make-up training, personality grooming, styling, posing in front of camera, diet and fitness, etc. in an amount of time which they can easily squeeze from their busy lives. They will leave the workshops with immense knowledge which can help them in their future pageants and overall pageant journey.

First Workshop

Batch 1
Batch 1

First workshop was conducted in Mumbai on 12th and 13th January 2019 where 15 girls got certified. Click here to see.

Second Workshop

Second workshop would be conducted in Mumbai in September. CLICK HERE to fill form.

Why should this workshop not be missed?

  1. Deeper understanding about pageantry:
    • You have always wanted to participate in pageants. Here is the chance to actually understand the inside outs of the pageants from experts in the field of pageantry.
    • The sessions will sensitize you to what can be expected during real pageants.
  2. Learning from the right people: Professionals, experts and pageant winners will be part of the grooming team.
  3. Enhancement of competencies and skills:
    • You will leave with better ramp walk. The ramp walk expert will focus on each girl individually to help her improve.
    • You will leave with better make-up skills.
    • You will leave with more knowledge about styling.
    • You will leave with more confidence when it comes to presenting yourself on the stage and in front of camera.
    • You will leave with more knowledge about diet & fitness.
    • You will leave with more knowledge about handling questions in the interview rounds of pageants.
  4. Economical way to learn: The popular pageant coaching institutes in India offer expensive courses. Compared to these, TGPC’s workshops will be economical and yet highly beneficial.

How can you register?

CLICK HERE to fill form. Our team will contact you with further details. Don’t wait. Major discounts available on immediate registrations!