Miss Grand International 2018: Top 10 Best National Costume

Miss Grand International 2018 National Costume

Miss Grand International 2018 is going on in the full swing and it looks like it might just become one of the best pageants in terms of production and pre-pageant presentation value. Recently all the contestants of Miss Grand International 2018 dazzled down the ramp in their unique national costume which is always a treat to watch at any pageant. Our team went through the presentation of each candidate and narrowed the choices to Top 10 costumes who are extremely likable and has the element of being unique yet diverse from each other. Let us have a look at which are the costumes that made it to our list.

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India: Topping our chart was India’s amazingly stunning costume created by Melvyn Noronha. The theme of the costume was prayer of peace, through the Spirit of the Indian Elephant. The costume has been dedicated to the Late father of Miss Grand India- Meenakshi, who once said that if war is out of mind it will be out of sight. Today this stands as a prayer of him and his family for humanity, which showcases the quality of Indians, who believe that greatness lies in being powerful, yet gentle to only use that power rightfully, when necessary; like the power and gentleness of the Indian Elephant.

Laos: The amazingly executed national costume of representing the elegance of peacock with the rider on top of it. It really have an amazing illusion that she was riding on a peacock.

Peru: Peru stunned everyone with her dramatic costume where she turned into a fish during her walk in her national costume. The drama factor amazed the audience and received a lot of appreciation from the public.

Thailand: As usual, Thailand never fails to impress in national costume department.  The color combination of gold and black worked out really well. The detailing of the leave in the backdrop was just amazing.

Myanmar: This costume of Miss Myanmar reminds us of National costume that Myanmar wore at Miss Universe 2016 which also got her best national costume. A lot of drama factor and creative elements. We absolutely loved it.

Finishing our Top 10 were the girls from Costa Rica, Panama, Tanzania, Venezuela and Chile.

Credits: Miss Grand International Facebook Page.