[Episode 12] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Meet the Top 5

So glad we are to have a wonderful pageant so far. Wonderful contestants. Wonderful rounds. Wonderful judges. Wonderful Top 10. And now wonderful Top 5. The judges did the scary tasks of scoring the Top 10 finalists for their overall performances. These scores were converted to ranks, to make the process fairer. These ranks have been cumulated to determine the Top 5. We also feel sad for the 5 girls for whom the journey ends here. But they have made it to the Top 10 and it is a BIG DEAL. They can be glad about that!

Score-sheet (Ranks 6-10)

The contestant with highest rank from the judge gets 10 ranking points. The contestant with second highest rank from the judge gets 9 rankings points. And so one. The total ranking points of all the Top 10 are cumulated and the five finalists with maximum ranking points make it to the next round. Based on the cumulated scores, the Top 5 finalists are…

collage (2)
Congratulations to Deekshya, Garima, Nikita, Ashwini, Bonsi!

Mohak Footwear Miss Rampwalk

The ‘Mohak Footwear Miss Rampwalk’ title was judged by Fashion Director and Choreographer Pooja Singh. She chose Garima Yadav as the winner. Garima will receive gift hamper from Mohak Footwear along with a Tiara and a sash from The Great Pageant Community.

Miss Transformation

Divya Choudhary is chosen as the winner of Miss Transformation title. It is one of the most important sub-titles of the contest since it aligns with the essence of this pageant, GROWTH! She receives a Tiara and a sash from The Great Pageant Community.

See you on Friday 12th October 8 PM. The score-sheet for ranks 3-10 will be revealed and we will know the Top 3 winners!