[Episode 8] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Evening Gown competition – Videos

Tonight our contestants compete in the evening gown competition! They were asked to present themselves in evening gowns in a ramp walk video. The judges would score them for their walk, confidence, beauty, grace and overall presentation. For ease of viewers & judges, the contestants have been divided into two groups.


Top 5: Ashwini Rangari, Hansika Rao, Menuka Pradhan, Subhashree Pattanayak, Tejaswini Rabha

Top 10: Bonsi Verma, Darshana Nehulkar, Deekshya Singh, Divya Girgaonkar, Muskan Kansal

Upcoming episodes this week

  • Episode 9, Evening gown competition [Elite Club’s Pick] – On 3rd October at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The Elite club will pick their Top favorite for the round, who will become the third Top 10 finalist.
  • Episode 10, Evening gown competition [Judges’ score] – On 5th October at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The scores of the judges for the round will be revealed.

We feel immensely proud of our contestants for putting such strong performances. Let us know your feedback about the episode. See you on Wednesday in the next episode! 🙂