[Episode 6] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Ethnic Wear Competition – Elite Club’s Pick

We feel truly glad to have the support of the premium members of the TGPC group in TGPC’s Miss India. They are our backbone. It is their trust which keeps us going in our endeavor to help the aspirants in their pageant journeys. Here are the scores of the Elite Club for ‘Best in Ethnic Wear’ round. Their top choice gets direct entry in Top 10, joining Priya Shinde who made it to the Top 10 last week, thanks to the Elite Club and her deserving performance!

Elite Club’s Scorecard

Congratulations Tejaswini Rabha, you are the 2nd Top 10 Finalist of the season!

Miss Golden Heart Results

We are truly thankful to all the contestants who have submitted their projects for Miss Golden Heart. Whether they make it to Top 10 or Top 5 or not, they have done something good for the society and should be proud of themselves for that! We certainly are.

Check out the Top 10 projects of Miss Golden Heart

The finalists and winners receive double points for this round in the leaderboard, strengthening their chances for Top 10. The contest was judged by our partner ‘Global Beauties’. Here are the winners.

Winner – Tejaswini Rabha

1st Runner-up – Bonsi Verma

2nd Runner-up – Shreya Sharma

3rd Runner-up – Komal Surwade

4th Runner-up – Ashwini Rangari

Congratulations again Tejaswini Rabha, what a wonderful day for you! Good job everyone.

Upcoming episodes this week

  • Episode 7, Ethnic wear competition [Judges’ score] – On 28th September at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The scores of the judges for the round will be revealed. Also, the finalists of Miss Personality & winners of Miss Photogenic will be revealed.
  • Episode 8, Evening Gown competition [Videos] – On 30th September at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The contestants will competing in the last round before the declaration of Top 10 to secure a spot in the last leg of the contest and avoid the major elimination that is to take place soon.

See you this Friday for the next episode. Take care of yourself!