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Meet Shweta Chaudhary, a benchmark winner of ‘Mrs. India’ Pageant

It’s very rare that we see any advocacy about the pageants focusing on empowering married women. The major reason contributing to this is the narrowed market exposure unlike ‘Miss’ category which was and is a majorly focused domain in beauty pageants even today. However, the time is changing, and so is the pageant industry. Now a day you see every state and region organizing a pageant, which makes it quite difficult for the winner to get proper exposure and the credibility. In this heard of winners, one lady who really drew our attention and impressed with her works towards empowering the position she hold. She is non other than Shweta Chaudhary- Mrs India Earth 20187 winner.

Meet Shweta Chaudhary, a benchmark winner of 'Mrs. India' Pageant

I knew Shweta Chaudhary since her training days at The Tiara Pageant Studio, almost a year back. Tiara’s mentor Ritika Ramtri used to share the videos on instagram of girls practicing their walk and Shweta immediately caught my attention. There itself I knew she was going to do great at whatever pageant she goes. She later ended up winning Mrs. India Earth title, which I feel was a cake walk for her because she literally stood out in the bunch. Post win, while most winners get away from limelight and aren’t observed doing much substantial work, Shweta broke the trend. Having followed her social media profiles on instagram, I have seen her working wonderfully towards various social causes. I still remember her initiative during Delhi fog issue which was appreciated by science and climate change ministry as well. And her drives in women empowerment sector also led to a lot of appreciation from pageant industry.  And this is not just that, it’s very rare seeing Mrs. category winners getting commercial works, but Shweta falls no short of such works. Be it print shoot, be it rampwalk, Shweta has done it all.  She was just a complete package winner which pageants need now a day. If we have few more winners like Shweta, I think Mrs. India pageants would become interesting to follow.

Meet Shweta Chaudhary, a benchmark winner of 'Mrs. India' Pageant

Shweta Chaudhary has led Mrs. India pageants in a direction where I see a brighter path for women empowerment. Having said this, I am unsure if we will have winners who can fill her shoes easily, because she has certainly raised the benchmark of this industry very high.

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