TGPC's Miss India Season 5

TGPC’s Miss India Season-5: Meet the Contestants

Adline Castelino wins Miss TGPC Season 4

“When is next contest going to happen?”

“Please reply”

“I also want to be TGPC Ki Beti”

Our inboxes were full of such messages almost immediately once season 4 ended in February 2018. For a while we did not respond, since we had not even begun to think about the new season. We just created a formal way to enable girls to apply and in no time we were left with hundreds of applications. Now there was no point in being lousy. We decided to come back and come back in style!

Here we are, with the fifth installment of the FIRST online pageant of the world. There is going to be a lot of “Newness” this season! New rounds!!! And yet there is going to be the same old intention- To help girls from nooks and corners of the country to walk on the paths of their dreams; if not walk, at least stumble a bit.

So here we present 22 contestants shortlisted from more than 700+ entries that we had received from across India and across India (NRI). These 22 girls will now compete against each other to succeed the reigning winners- Adline Castelino, Pradnya Motghare & Yukta Upadhyay. The contest will formally start post mid-September.

Vote for Your Favourite

The voting like to select the winner of the subtitle ‘People’s Choice’ award will be conducted in 3 formats:

  1. Voting on Blogs (Voting below)
  2. Voting on Facebook Page of TGPC’s Miss India
  3. Voting on Instagram Page of TGPC’s Miss India.

At the end of all rounds, 2 girls with highest votes in all 3 sections will be taken for final round of voting on Facebook group of TGPC. So a total of 6 girls would compete to claim the title of ‘People’s Choice’ and take home a sash and tiara for the subtitle. You can vote for your favourite on below voting poll multiple times a day. Don’t forget to vote on FB and Instagram as well.

Who should win TGPC's Miss India Season-5?

  • Bonsi Verma (25%, 5,688,542 Votes)
  • Darshana Nehulkar (25%, 5,682,012 Votes)
  • Priya Shinde (24%, 5,347,558 Votes)
  • Nikita Tanwani (22%, 4,886,960 Votes)
  • Tejaswini Rabha (3%, 773,061 Votes)
  • Deekshya Singh (0%, 68,650 Votes)
  • Menuka Pradhan (0%, 62,045 Votes)
  • Subhashree Pattanayak (0%, 40,823 Votes)
  • Hansika Rao (0%, 27,819 Votes)
  • Muskan Kansal (0%, 21,512 Votes)
  • Garima Yadav (0%, 15,645 Votes)
  • Divya Choudhary (0%, 8,784 Votes)
  • Shreya Sharma (0%, 3,848 Votes)
  • Divya Girgaonkar (0%, 2,960 Votes)
  • Samiksha Ingle (0%, 2,810 Votes)
  • Rachna Sherke (0%, 2,217 Votes)
  • Vibhawari Kshirsagar (0%, 2,183 Votes)
  • Komal Survade (0%, 1,010 Votes)
  • Nilam Shrawane (0%, 507 Votes)
  • Ashwini Rangari (0%, 503 Votes)
  • Snehal Patil (0%, 414 Votes)
  • Monalisa Sona (0%, 340 Votes)

Total Voters: 22,640,513

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  1. Well, I have been with Tejaswini rabha since childhood……. She has the real spirit of being a model. I know how badly she wants to win this…. She is working really hard….. She needs a lot of support…. So I humbly request people to vote and support her….. One single vote is a blessing for her…. So please help her….. And Best Of Luck from my side dear….

  2. Well, I have been with tejaswini since childhood….. She has the real spirit of being a model…… I know how badly she wants to win this….. She is working really hard…. She needs a lot of support…. So I humbly request people to vote and support her….. One single vote is a blessing for her….. So please help her….. And best of luck from my side dear…..

  3. Bow kakaini dimdaak Rabha tang bc chomjo bc majo. De taap2 ching dimdaak kai jhoma Tejaswini na vote rakhu se. Nem Rasong.

  4. Kakaini dimdaak Rabha tang bow bc chomjo bc majo. De dimdaak baray ching kakai jhoma change Tejaswini Rabha na vote rakhui aagoi ranga seshta khardong nemo une asha manna. Nem Rasong

  5. Stay blessed always …you are such a sweet and wonderful daughter…Thanks to all for supporting Tejaswini….keep it up please…

  6. Stay blessed always….Tejaswini is such a sweet daughter…she is cute, intelligent, honest..most important is ….she is good human being….
    Thanks to all for supporting her….

  7. Thanks to all for supporting Tejaswini Rabha….she needs your blessings
    Tejaswini is such a sweet daughter…she is honest, intelligent, down to earth …after all she is a good human being….such a lovely and wonderful daughter…..God bless you always my Angel

  8. Best of luck……may god blesss u keep it up …..
    Never give up…..we all love u😘😘😘😊😊😊😊


  10. নাং জয়চাঙে ৰিবানোন ৷ ৰিছিবায়না আৰ্দিতা ৷…

  11. Tejaswinik akOl rabha manUhe nhy…..hmOgrO asambasiye vOte diyar drkar……karn tejaswinir jOyi a akOl rabha hkOlr babe nhy hmOgrO asambasir karnr gaurabh krhiyai aanibO………vOte fOr Tejaswini……….

  12. No. 2 agbarita rakhuiyan tong janchok jhanga. Don’t break the chain keep voting till results are declared.

  13. I like only tejaswini Rabha..because she is Assamese.. So all frnds voting for only tejaswini of luck tejaswini Rabha.. I pry to your life bright and beautiful.

  14. Tejaswini rabha singi jatini candle una neke please vote rakhu jiman janga baray tang best of luck.

  15. আজিলৈ হৈছে মোৰ ! অহাকালি শুই উঠিয়েই দিম 🙌
    ❤️Tejaswini Rabha❤️

  16. Keep It Up …. Go ahd … we support you…. Make d title of RABHA shine all over the world…. try hard nvr give up…👍

  17. Guys share the post, Tejaswani Rabha 35% ranking second next to Nikita Tanwani with 36%
    Hope this will help her stand in top most within some days .. .. Deserve one vote from me and the rest from my friends.. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  18. তা চিন্তা খাৰ, চিং তোৱা নাং পাকে
    চিঙি কায়তাঙা বুজায়, বহুত কায় বুজা মানখোচা

    • Thanks Nilotpal Bharali fOr sUppOrting Tejaswini…..tair jayi a hmOgrO asambasir karne gaurab krhiyai aanibO……

  19. ৰাভা জাতি খেঙে তংখান!!!🙋

  20. 2day I’m hold day voting for our Rabha Tejaswini rabha I support u …… proud of you Thank you to all for voting Tejaswini rabha continue hope u all

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