Miss Diva 2018: First Hotpicks for the crown

Miss Diva 2018 has started since more than a week and we just can’t stop appreciating the fact how well the organizers have incorporated the changes that pageant fans suggest time and again. The reality format has gone and looks more dynamic in terms of competition and on stage contest. Over the past few days, out elite panel has observed the girls closely and scored them based on how they felt girls would place in finale. This is just an initial assessment of how our panelist felt about girls and may change over the coming few more days as the contest progresses. The panelist consisted of premium members of TGPC FB Group as below:

  1. Anirban Guha
  2. Das Gupta
  3. Rimzenith Tamang
  4. Daniel Dsouza
  5. Jimmy Shah
  6. Harigesh Hari
  7. Abu Pame
  8. Ritika Pal

Based on the ranking scores given by the above panelist, (10 being highest), the final rankings of the girls were arrived and the result of the evaluation is as below.

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Miss Diva 2018 Hotpicks

Miss Diva 2018 Hotpicks

Winner-Roshni Sheoran

The wind seems to be flowing in the favour of Roshni as she got perfect height, face, body and decent communication skills. She is the tallest girl out there which helps her stand out easily from the bunch and has got one of the best presentations skills. Roshni has worked as a model with famous agency and that makes us believe that this girl knows the business. The only thing where Roshni may be weaker is that she isn’t a typical pageant girl so she might take some time to understand the Miss Universe system but then this is not necessarily a bad thing. She has time if she wins on 31st August.

1st Runner-up: Nehal Chudasama

Winning the first and most important subtitle of ‘Miss Body Beautiful’, Nehal proved that she has come here to win it all and not perform as an underdog. Her transformation has just been amazing and this is the hot talk of the pageant circuit right now. What we love most about Nehal is that she keeps evolving every time and doesn’t leave any stone unturned in terms of preparation. She seems to be extremely dedicated and focused for this pageant. She has great work profile and a story attached to her, which can suitably work well in her favour at Miss Universe if she wins Miss Diva 2018.

2nd Runner-up: Aishwarya J

Many people have compared her as a dead ringer of Neha Kapoor. Aishwarya has got good body and height and exotic face, which can work very well with westeners. She has got an amazing catwalk skill and can be a great ramp model in future. However, we do see a little scope of improvement when it comes to communication.

Top 6

Tanvi Malhi

Paneslit Das Gupta says her sweet aura and bubbly personality makes her standout though he would love to see her fierce side a little more at times. Tanvi has one of the amazing faces in the batch and won’t be surprised seeing her finishing in the Top 3.

Hannah Reji

Panelist Harigesh says that Hannah is absolutely stunning and has got amazing communication skills . Her body transformation from Femina Miss India Kerala 2017 to Miss Diva is incredible. She has worked a lot on her body . Plus her strong educational background should help her stand out in the contest.

Shefali Sood

Panelist Das Gupta felt that Shefali could have been on of the Top 3 easily this season but the only black mark to point at this juncture is her body that’s making her catch back the hook from the list. But we know she is a fighter and she would give it all if provided with chance to represent India at international pageant.  Shefali has got strong communication skills which could be a fatal weapon for other contestants if she reaches Top 5.

Top 10

Venus Malik

Venus Malik got a direct entry to finale for being wild card entry through Central Mall. The moment she got the entry, she grabbed the eye balls across pageant communities. She has great presentation skills and got well sculpted body. This girl could kill it all in finale.

Himanshi Bhadana

Initially Himanshi was an underdog but soon became a ‘Watch Out’ girl by many. We are loving the way she is flowing so far and she gives us a faint hint of Manasi Moghe at times.

Lavina Israni

Lavina is a good combination of beautiful face, demure aura and sweet nature. While she may not look as strong to enter the Top 3 court as of now, she can totally win it over the heart of judges based on the qualities we have mentioned, another Manasi Moghe.

Surina Jaidka

Panelist Das Gupta says she was his favourite to win campus princess this year. Her never give up attitude got her to be a finalist at Miss Diva this year. She can totally be our choice for Miss Supranational as she has got an angelic face and that can easily stand out in the contest.

Below is the complete score sheet.

Miss Diva 2018 Hotpicks

Contestant Pictures Courtesy: Miss Diva Org.