Exclusive Interview: Nehal Chudasama, Miss Diva 2018 Finalist

Nehal Chudasama

Nehal Chudasama needs no introduction to the people who are familiar to Pageants. Her first shot to fame in the pageant world was winning Pageant Question & Answer Series-2 by TGPC in 2016 and this year she was also one of the Top 3 finalists at Femina Miss India Gujarat 2018, where she also won the title of Sephora Miss Glamorous. Nehal also mentored the contestants of Miss TGPC Season-4. She is currently a finalist of Miss Diva 2018 which selects representatives for Miss Universe and Miss Supranational from India. Last night, she also won two subtitles, first being Miss Body Beautiful and second ‘Anything but Ordinary’ Diva. Being a fitness consultant, we understand how much it would have meant to Nehal on winning the title of ‘Miss Body Beautiful’. In this interview, let’s learn more about Nehal Chudasama.

TGPC: Hi Nehal. Hope you are doing good. Tell our readers something about you before we move on to detailed interview.

Nehal-I would like To begin with saying- Thank you to all those who’re reading this. Definitely not a Girl next door, I am a 21 years old, born and brought up in Mumbai, a Fitness Consultant, Anchor & a Model. Besides I am studying to become IPS officer.

TGPC: What are you up to these days?

Nehal: At present I am freelancing as a Fitness consultant, wherein I provide personal and online training to people along with guiding them with required Nutrition. Also I do host events, being an Anchor. I feel happy to have grown into a multi talented person, and utilising the hours of a day to make the most out of it.

Miss Diva 2018 Contestants

TGPC: You are shortlisted for Miss Diva 2018 contest, how are you preparing for it?

Nehal: Being a pageant aspirant-Miss Universe – to be specific, my preparations have started long back. It took me years to evolve. And I am still growing. I am glad to have realized being fit , having a healthy body and mind makes me the most confident and I have worked towards the same ,while preparing on other aspects too.

TGPC: How important winning pageant is for Nehal?

Nehal: I realized the importance of winning the pageant when I saw myself working harder towards it. It is not just a competition, but a purpose now.

TGPC: What is something different you can present on table compared to other girls?

Nehal: Being a Fitness Consultant, I know the fact that fitness isn’t very promoted within the Indian society, especially females, I want to be the one encouraging as many as I can. I want to spread How important it is to adopt fitness as a lifestyle. To achieve both mental and physical health. Besides proving the myths wrong, Being a Fitness freak is different from motivating others to be that too.

TGPC: What kind of a person is Nehal in real life, minus how we see her on social media?

Nehal: One of the important things I’ve learnt from my life experiences is that, -Never try to be something or someone you’re not. I follow this principle. So what you see me as on social media is exactly what I am in person. Always Grateful, Positive , and encouraging everyone I come across. Yes I do get emotional at times and I don’t feel like showing that on social media, because I don’t want to promote negativity any day, I promote STRENGTH, because I’ve learnt to get up each time I fall.

Nehal Chudasama

TGPC: What are your future plans?

Nehal: I say I’m a pageant aspirant, because I’ve been one since years, and it has helped me evolve. I wish to win Miss Universe for my country and myself. Keep conducting or attending fitness seminars, workshops to encourage people to adopt a fit lifestyle. Besides that I am looking at myself as an officer of Indian Police Service, serving the society to set an example that a Woman can achieve whatever she aims for in her life, once she realizes how strong and capable she is & and that every girl child should be raised strong as well.

TGPC: Tell us about how u started loving pageants?

Nehal: I was never following pageants until 2013, when I first saw Manasi Moghe representing India at Miss Universe. And that is how it all started and I realized what I wanted to do. There’s never been looking back since then. And that is how I also came across TGPC. I won PQAS-2 by TGPC and as a prize, I got a chance to train at The Tiara Pageant Institute under Ritika Ramtri and my journey as a pageant girl started here.

TGPC: What are 3 things Nehal can’t live without?

Nehal: There have been a contribution of many things, experiences, people which altogether has got me here, I really can’t choose any 3 but I’m sure my family stands the foremost of all.

TGPC: Any message for our readers?

Nehal: Look out for what makes you the happiest and gets you the confidence, Passionately follow that path. Thank You for the endless support, that I’ve been receiving. Be HAPPY, Spread LOVE. ❤

Our best wishes to Nehal for the contest and journey ahead.!!!