Femina Miss India 2018: Top 5 Videos of ‘Cox & Kings Miss Getaway Goddess’

Femina Miss India 2018: Top 5 Videos of 'Cox & Kings Miss Getaway Goddess'

Femina Miss India 2018 has kick started in full swing now and we are seeing 30 State Winners battling against each other in different rounds, to claim the ultimate glory of being called as Miss India World 2018. We went through the state tourism submission by each contestant under ‘Cox & Kings Miss Getaway Goddess’ sub contest. Following are the 5 submissions we loved the most for meeting the criteria of attracting the attention of a laymen towards the tourism and the creativity with which they were shot. We must say, there just so many good videos but then we had to re evaluate the videos multiple times to arrive at final 5. Have a look.

Winner: Miss Mizoram-Lily Lalremkimi Darnei

Such a beautifully shot video. Lily has made a wonderful attempt in capturing the beauty of her state through latest technology. Mizoram looks so much filled with beauty of mountains, adventurous trips and a state with colourful heritage and culture. We loved the end when she wears her traditional outfit. The music suited the background so well and we especially loved how the music changed as per the change in scenes.

1st Runner-up: Miss Arunachal Pradesh- Osin Mosu

Amongst all the videos, this video is like a breath of fresh air. This is one video that literally made us want to visit the state. Get a really energetic vibe from the girl and loved how she was personally involved in whatever she explained. She has taken us through everything that we felt like we never knew this side of Arunachal Pradesh. This should become a part of your ‘Must Go’ bucket list.

2nd Runner-up: Miss Jammu & Kashmir- Malika Kapoor

One of the most amazingly shot videos. We personally loved the background music, transports us to the basics of Kashmir, Malika literally gives meaning to ‘Kashmir ki Kali’. We loved how she used drone to capture the beauty of her state in a cinematic way. She is a shoo in for the crown as well.

3rd Runner-up: Miss Punjab- Anna Kler

Anna’s choice of song from Veer Zaara was worth applause. It rhymes so well with Punjabi feeling and we loved how the video was beautifully edited through out. Anna also captured the rich culture of Punjab in a very optimized way by being in very confined spaces, which we feel is a smart strategy. A major crown contender for Top 3 titles.

4th Runner-up: Miss Nagaland- Ruopfüzhano Whiso

How can you not go to Nagaland after seeing this video? Such a beautiful place to be at <3. In fact whole North East is just a wonderful series of beautiful places stacked together. We loved how Ruopfuzhano was providing us details of each area.

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