Femina Miss India West 2018: Final Review & Prediction

Whenever a country wins Miss World or Miss Universe, the national pageants in the following year get a very competitive batch. And thankfully the same thing has happened in Femina Miss India. This year the batch is turning out to be better than last year which was also very strong. The excitement is high because the last zonal final is being held this weekend and in few days, the main pageant shall start! Next month we shall know the new Miss India who will try to succeed Manushi Chhillar at Miss World.

Here is the review for West Zone by our pageant expert Kartik Behl.

Femina Miss India Mahasrashtra 2018

Mehak (Left), Radhika (Top right), Apurva (Bottom right)

Our pick for the winner in this zone is Mehak. Her smile is to die for! Her overall personality makes her stand out. Her body language is excellent. Next choice in this zone is Radhika. She speaks like a dream! She needs to sort out her styling though. Apurva looks sweet and demure. She needs some work on her personality. Overall, it seems that this state will again give a strong winner who can make it to the Final round of Femina Miss India 2018.

Femina Miss India Gujarat 2018

Nehal (Left), Heena (Top right), Anushka (Bottom Right)

Our pick from Gujarat is Nehal. Her walk is to die for! She brings a lot of personality on plate. She is the best overall package among the 3 – very latina! Our next pick is Heena. She is face of the pageant. Her beauty is ethereal. Anushka needs to work on her communication skills and confidence. It seems this year Gujarat can produce a winner who can place in the Top 15 of Femina Miss India 2018.

Femina Miss India Rajasthan 2018

Nikita (left), Sonakshi (Top right), Muskan (Bottom right)

For Rajasthan, it is a close battle between Nikita and Sonakshi. Both the girls have good personalities. While Nikita is jack of all trades, Sonakshi has lovely eyes. Muskan is average overall and needs a lot of improvement in all areas. If we are forced to pick one, we will go with Nikita. Her win would be shocking. The winner of Rajasthan may place in FMI finals, but to make it to the final round would be difficult unless there is a strong transformation.

Femina Miss India Goa 2018

Aashna (Left), Kezaia (Top right), Vrishaba (Bottom right)

Aashna is our pick for Goa. She is an easy pick; her walk is amazing and personality is outgoing in a likable way. Kezaia needs to work on her smile and styling. Although she has won a minor international pageant and was Top 3 in FMI Goa last year too, it seems unlikely for her to win this time. Vrishaba is very congenial. However she is raw at the moment. She needs to work on herself and return back in future. Audrey was  a strong contestant last year and filling her shoes will be a tough act to follow for the new Miss FMI Goa.

Tomorrow evening we shall know the result! And within few days, the joyful frenzy of Femina Miss India 2018 shall begin.