[Result] Pageant Question: ‘Do you think Swimsuit round in beauty pageants is demeaning to women?’

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Roma Jee, winner of Pageant Question and Answer Season-3

So the second question was recently asked to the followers of Miss TGPC regarding the need of swimsuit round in pageants. Certain countries don’t really promote the exposure of skin and it restricts the girls from participating into the pageants. Besides, swimsuit round mandates girls to be in a minimum physical figure criteria which few find offensive. The question was judged by Roma Jee, winner of Pageant Question & Answer Series-3. Here are her Top 6 picks for the question. The evaluation was done from the answers received on Facebook and Instagram page of Miss TGPC.

Question: ‘Do you think Swimsuit round in beauty pageants is demeaning to women?’

Winner: Priti Jiwane

The inclusion of a swimsuit round in a pageant is to look at the overall health and fitness of a woman and promote the same. So though its purpose is not demeaning, the way most people perceive it is very demeaning. Especially in conservative countries people immediately jump in to question the character of the girl and deem the contest as inappropriate. So I believe people must understand what this round stands for and not look down upon girls for wearing a bikini.

1st Runner-up: Ashwini Rangari

I believe that beauty pageant looks for overall package in their winner. She should be beautiful inside out. If she gets a chance to represent our country, she should be physically fit with body, mind and should be confident. So, I don’t think that swimsuit round demeans beauty pageants rather it gives them a chance to accept themselves in their own skin and to be confident enough. At last its rightly said ‘Body achieves what mind believes’.

2nd Runner-up: Manisha Singh

Swimsuit round does not at all demean women. For Indian women wearing swimsuit isn’t easy but wearing it doesn’t show her body, it show what she has got. To me every scar on body is a story of a warrior and isn’t a flaw. It is an opportunity for women to walk with confidence in their own skin and make the people see and accept the real woman and real stories. Its not the swimsuit but the notion “I am me and I know how to be confident in this world” that she wears and show in swimsuit round.

3rd Runner-up: Nikita Tadvi

As an aspiring beauty queen, it is very important for women to be healthy and comfortable in their own skin. Swimsuit round in pageants helps women love their unique built and be disciplined in working on their fitness levels. Hence, inspiring the youth to get involved in fitness. So, the swimsuit rounds in pageants are definitely not demeaning but aids in boosting confidence about themselves and their bodies.

4th Runner-up: Shakeel Badgujar

The purpose of all the pageants is never to objectify a woman. A person’s thinking and mindset is limited to his experiences and the zeal to learn. I don’t think that the swimsuit round is about objectifying a women, rather it gives them a platform to showcase their confidence and help them to make people understand how important it is to stay fit, not for someone but for one’s own self. And if a guy can flaunt his abs, so can a girl as we all believe in equality right?

5th Runner-up: Zain Sabir

Beauty is not just a pretty face, but it’s a combination of factors and one of them is how much a person is confident in his/her skin. A bikini round helps girls to show their confidence and their hard work they have put in to compete for Pageant. Bikini is not demeaning, it’s the mindset of people who let them point out negativity in every thing,


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