Femina Miss India 2018: First Impression of North Zone Top 3 Finalists

Femina Miss India North Zone Crowning is just one day away and we can’t wait to see the girls making it from here. North Zone has had an undeniable presence in FMI, which was true even before the state format, and just like previous years, this year too we have crown contenders from this zone. So here is a detailed review by Pageant Expert Riya Saraswat from TGPC.

Jammu and Kashmir

( L – R) Mallika Kapoor, Samreen Kaur, and Deepshikha Sharma

This state was represented by Sana Dua last year who went on to become the 1st RU at FMI last year. Samreen Kaur , Deepshikha Sharma and Mallika Kapoor are vying to be her successor. Among the 3, I feel the winner is between Deepshikha Sharma and Samreen Kaur. Deepshikha Sharma is an engineer by profession working as an analyst and also is a fashion blogger. She is eloquent, confident and has been putting efforts towards winning her state title. Samreen Kaur is a student pursuing her under graduate studies at Pune. Facially, Samreen is the major standout from this batch. The only thing she probably needs to work on is her speaking skills. She might come across as nervous to many, but it’s understandable. She is just 18, if she doesn’t win J&K this time, I hope she comes back next year.


Left to Right- Aditi Jaswal, Anubha Vashishth, Sumita Bhandari

This state was represented by the gorgeous Anukriti Gusain last year. And my my!!! What a strong trio who are vying to be her successor. Sumita Bhandari , Aditi Jaiswal and Anubha Vashisht are the top 3 finalists of Uttarakhand for FMI 2018. For me, this is among the most interesting and tough batches of FMI 2018. It depends on the organization on what they are looking for. If they go by facial beauty and girl with a decent personality, they will go with Aditi Jaiswal who facially reminds me of the reigning Miss World Manushi Chhillar. If they look for confidence, genuineness and a good body language, Anubha will win it. She is a fashion student and if they go for a modelsque and a photogenic girl with a good personality, Sumita Bhandari will win it. She is tall, photogenic and is a pursuing her undergraduate studies at NIFT. Any of the 3 will make a great winner.


Left to Right: Nikita Nanda, Nishi Bharadwaj and Meenakshi Chaudhary

The most looked forward to auditions happened here, owing to the fact that the Miss World 2017 came from here. And honestly, the state lived up to the hype. Though I won’t say the top 3 this year is as strong as the one last year where Manushi had competition to face, this state does have a girl who has it all to win FMI 2018. Meenakshi Chaudhary is a doctor in making. She is tall, photogenic, beautiful and above everything, has an undeniable aura about her. There is something which convinces you to know her. Though I would’ve loved to see her represent India at Miss Universe. I would be equally happy to see her win FMI and give Haryana a back to back victory.

Madhya Pradesh

(L – R) Nikita Soni, Meena Ahir, and Niharika Sabharwal

Madhya Pradesh is in spotlight at FMI 2018 for all the right reasons. The top 3 of Madhya Pradesh is a very competitive one this time. And the winner will surely make the state proud. The crown seems to be between Nikita And Niharika. Though I won’t count out Meena completely as she does have the sweet face and modelsque stature you see in a Miss World girl. If I had to choose one among the 3, I would choose Niharika Sabharwal. She is eloquent, dynamic and has a great smile. Her beauty is magnetic and her personality too resonates with it. However, at the same time I would equally believe that Nikita can take it all home come finale.


Left to right: Saumya Sharma, Siddhi Gupta and Gayatri Bhardwaj

The most anticipated and talked about auditions where held in 3 parts in Delhi. With this, they have come up with a great batch. The girls vying to succeed the well accomplished Maira Chowdhry are Saumya Sharma , Gayatri Bharadwaj and Siddhi Gupta. Going by the audition pic, it’s pretty clear that the crown is between Saumya and Gayatri . Saumya is a student, who also enjoys being on the stage as a theatre artist. She seems congenial and her body language reminds you of a winner. Gayatri is a doctor in making. Facially, she is a major standout. If FMI had the Miss International with them, Gayatri would not just win the national title but could end up with the international crown too. Either of them will make a great winner and will continue the Delhi’s strong legacy at FMI.

Uttar Pradesh

Left to right: Himanshi, Andleeb Zaidi and Tanam Dev

This state was represented By Shefali Sood last year where she made it to top 6. This year, Himanshi, Tanam and Andleeb are vying to be her successor. Andleeb has her experience as the biggest plus point as she was FMI Bangalore finalist previously. Himanshi is a student who is full of life in her live videos and her beauty is doll like. Tanam also has the experience with her where she recently competed for the Karnataka state title in FMI 2018. For me, the winner should be one among Andleeb and Himanshi. If I were to choose one, I think it will be Himanshi as of now.


Left to right: Surina Jaidka, Anna Kler and Rhythm Singh Randhawa

Punjab will be represented by one among Surina, Anna and Rhythm. The top 3 seems to be an amalgamation of extremes. Where you either have a well groomed girl with good height but lacks on personality and communication skills or a girl who needs grooming but could do very well, not just at FMI but at international pageants too. For me, the state title is clearly between Surina and Anna. Surina would be a decent choice given her great background and good looks. And my winner is Anna Kler. She is a national level shooter who made her state proud by winning two gold medals. I see immense potential in her. She is eloquent, a go getter and has a great personality with enchanting looks. With grooming, I see her becoming a front runner for FMI 2018.

Himachal Pradesh

( L – R) Shefali Dhiman, Swattee Thakur, and Aanchal Thakur

Manushi’s win seems to have surely impacted this state where I do see an upgrade in the winner. Shefali Dhiman, Aanchal Thakur and Swattee Thakur. The crown seems to be between Shefali and Swattee. Shefali is straight forward, eloquent, good looking and stands out among the 3 in terms of her personality. Swattee has been a part of Miss Himachal Pradesh 2017, where she won the subtitle of Miss Ramp Walk. She is beautiful and would be a decent choice to represent her state.

Picture Credits: Femina Miss India Facebook Page.