Marilyn Monroe was a Beauty Pageant Winner. Did you know?

June 1 will mark the 92nd Birthday of Hollywood Icon Marilyn Monroe, who in a span of 10 years in Hollywood managed to be part of movies which grossed $200 million. She was only 36 when she was found dead at her home in Los Angeles due to Barbiturate overdose. Every pageant fan should know that Marilyn Monroe is a pageant winner. She won the Miss Globe International Pageant in 1947 where she entered the competition by her real name, Norma Jeanne Mortensen.

Marilyn Monroe was a Beauty Pageant Winner.

Miss Globe International is a┬ápageant which started in 1925 which is still continuing although there have been years when there were no pageants, especially what’s happening with the pageant for last few years is quite confusing. The pageant has been through many allegations. In 2015, Pageantopolis and Critical Beauty exposed Miss Globe International’s fictitious early years and winners from 1925-1987 and the images had been taken from the archives of the Miss Winnepausakee pageant, a preliminary to the Miss New Hampshire scholarship pageant. Last known face to win the pageant was the winner of the 89th edition of the Pageant in 2014 who was Esma Voloder, Miss World Australia 2017

Article Credits: Robin Verma