Femina Miss India 2018: First Impression of North East Zone Winners

Continuing with the zonal review, pageant expert Riya Saraswat has gone through the winners of Femina Miss India North East 2018 winners. Tomorrow we await the crowning of East Zone where we will also see the official crowning of North East winners. This zone has come out in full force suddenly due to state concept. We do feel that we have a crown contender here this time. Let us have a look at what Riya feels about each state.

Femina Miss India 2018: First Impression of North East Zone Winners
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Meghalaya: Mary Khyriem will represent Meghalaya at Femina Miss India 2018 and my my, I fall short of words to describe her. For me, she is the face of this zone. Along with that, she also has a boastful résumé in pageants. She is not only FMI Meghalaya but also the reigning queen of Sunsilk Mega Miss North East and was Miss Shillong before that. Hope she keeps the momentum going and not only makes her zone proud but the whole India one day 🙂

Manipur: Manipur will be represented by Nimrit Kaur in FMI 2018. This girl is a performer and is stunning too. She is eloquent as well and has everything you look in a Miss India girl. For me, she is a crown contender. Coming from The Tiara camp, am sure she will be a force to reckon with.

Mizoram: Lily Darnei was a finalist in Miss Mizoram 2018 and made it to Top 5 in her very first attempt. Initially I wasn’t really sure about her, but looking at her performance I can say that she is more telegenic than photogenic. She has that dynamic aura about her which makes you curious to know more about her. People of Mizoram should be proud of her and we expect her to do as well as or even better than her predecessor Rhody.

Assam: Sunaina Kamath is Femina Miss India Assam 2018. She is well renowned model in her state. Her aura and facial beauty is at par with her predecessor Triveni Burman and I do see her making a mark in FMI 2018.

Nagaland: Ropfüzhano is Femina Miss India Nagaland 2018. This 18 year old girl is the reigning Miss Nagaland 1st Runner up and Miss Kohima. Her determination and dedication will surely take her far in the competition apart from her beauty which is very much like the ones you want to see in Miss World and Miss International.

Arunachal Pradesh: Osin Mosu will represent Arunachal Pradesh at Femina Miss India 2018. She succeeds Licha Thosum who created waves in FMI 2017 for her intelligence and personality. We will get to see more of her with time though hopes and expectations are high from her.

Sikkim: Pramila Chettri will Represent Sikkim at FMI 2018. She has potential and with grooming she can be very impactful. Waiting to see more of her.

Tripura: Mamita Debbarma will represent Tripura at FMI 2018. She is stunning and for me is an upgrade to last year. With grooming she can become a force to reckon with.

All and all, The North East zone is strong and a major upgrade from last year. I do see crown contenders in this zone and also girls who can do well at international pageants with proper grooming.

Article by Riya Saraswat.